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Care Instructions

Many of our customers want their swimwear to last through multiple seasons or to have the ability to hand down garments to younger siblings. To best preserve the quality of your products, we highly recommend the following care instructions:

  • Rinse in cool water after every use
  • Machine wash in cold gentle cycle with mild soap and lay flat to dry
  • Do not spin dry, soak, bleach, dry clean, iron or store when wet
  • Remove all sand grains in garment by carefully washing and/or stretching and ‘tapping’ sand out of garment when it is dry
  • Avoid rough surfaces such as concrete and rough swimming pool decks as these may damage your garment
  • Avoid harsh chemicals in heated spas and saunas as these may breakdown the fibers of your garment
  • Avoid direct contact with sunscreen as this may stain the fabric