UV Skinz

Have you ever dreamed of "living where you play", in the foothills, in a small community where a handshake is golden, where you know your neighbors and at least half of the people you run into at the local grocery store? Did you think you could never have this AND create a promising career, being a part of an amazing hard working team that is dedicated to making a difference in the world? We're bucking the system and we're looking for rock stars that want it all in life.


  • Figure out how to fix things rather than who’s to blame
  • Appreciate a good debate, even with your boss
  • Love trying new things and understand failures are successes in disguise
  • Have been told ‘what a curious child’ many times over in your younger life


  • Know that one less sunburn makes a difference
  • Aren’t afraid to make mistakes and try new things
  • Care as much (or more!) about your attitude and values as your intelligence
  • Believe lemonade stands breed genius

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Operations Controller

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Marketing Coordinator

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Production Manager

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