5 Fun Ways to Celebrate 4th of July from Home

Are current events throwing a wrench in your 4th of July plans?

Here are five tips on how to have an awesome Independence Day from the safety of your backyard.

Play Backyard Games with the Family

This weekend is all about enjoying time with family and celebrating our countries independence. What better way is there to do this than with some good old family competition? The games below are sure to keep your family entertained all weekend (if not summer) long.

Beat the Heat by Making a DIY Slip N Slide

Keep cool and enjoy some sun-safe fun with this awesome DIY backyard slip N slide!

Have a Family Backyard BBQ

You can’t celebrate America without a little BBQ. Follow these tips to bring your next backyard BBQ to the next level.

Go On a Backyard Camping Trip

Escape your house and enter into the great outdoors that is your backyard. These backyard camping tips will make you never want to sleep inside again!

Don’t forget the treats!

What is 4th of July without some Red, White, and Blue treats? Enjoy these easy to make popsicles all weekend long.