7 Summer Camp Games for Kids at Home

Looking for fun summer games for kids spending time at home? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or babysitter searching for fun summer games for kids, these seven classic summer camp games are appropriate for all ages and can be made easier or harder depending on the child/children’s age.

Let’s get to the fun!

7 Summer Games for Kids at Home

1. Duck, Duck, Goose [Plus Variations]

This classic summer outdoor game is a great option for kids of all ages and groups of all sizes. Whether you have four or more kids to entertain, you can make the classic game of Duck, Duck, Goose fun and entertaining for all ages. On really hot days, take Duck, Duck, Goose to the water with Duck, Duck, Splash, or settle right in the middle with a new variation, Surf, Surf, Wipeout!

A perfect summer outdoor game, Surf, Surf, Wipeout is played on land, but the “surfer” walks around the circle of kids with a cup of water. When the surfer says “WIPEOUT!” they will pour water on the tagged child’s head. If that tagged child can tag the surfer, the surfer remains “it.” This is a fun game for all involved; just make sure all participants are aware of the possibility of a slight downpour of water and that a change of clothes is readily available!

2. Scavenger Hunts

If you’re looking to incorporate educational summer outdoor games into your itinerary, make sure a scavenger hunt is at the top of your list. Scavenger hunts are one of the best games for kids of all ages to get outside, explore, and learn new things about the environment just outside of their door. If rain or stormy weather has made going outside a challenge, no sweat! Take your scavenger hunt indoors with items around the house, cabin, or wherever you’re located.

3. Hand Games

Great for at-home or on-the-go, hand games are a classic genre of summer games for kids that require nothing more than hands and some memorization skills. From “Miss Mary Mack” and “Great Green Globs” to “Down By The Bay” and beyond, there is no shortage of hand games to help children of all ages improve focus, coordination, concentration, and memory skills. Many hand games can be played with two people or in groups, so no one is left out of the fun.

4. Tag

Tag, you’re it! Who doesn’t love tag? It’s a perfect summer game for kids who have energy to burn. Play with a couple or several neighborhood kids in the morning or afternoon. For even more adventure and excitement, play “flashlight tag” at night using flashlights. It’s one of the best summer games for kids that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

5. Cornhole

Cornhole is a super fun summer outdoor game that requires a little skill and some patience. For younger children, feel free to move the cornhole boards closer together to help make the throws more attainable, and ignore the general 4-person rule of the game if you don’t have enough players. This game is a wonderful opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination and keep them entertained even if they aren’t playing “by the book.” It is summer, after all–so it’s time to have a little fun! If you do have four players, great! Adjust the boards to the appropriate distances based on age or height, and get to tossing!

6. Obstacle Course

Every list of summer camp games must have an obstacle course! One of the best things about obstacle courses is that they can be made entirely from scratch with whatever objects you have around the backyard (as long as they don’t have sharp or rusted edges!). You can even incorporate waterslides and sport-related obstacles like throwing a football or hitting a wiffle ball and make the obstacle course as silly, easy, or complex as you think the kids will find amusing. Then, let your imagination run wild.

7. Red Light, Green Light

Our seventh and final item on our list of fun summer camp games: Red Light, Green Light! Another age-friendly game for children and teens alike, Red Light, Green Light, can be kept as simple or made as difficult as you think is required to make sure all participants are having fun while being challenged. Older crowds of kids can try Red Light, Green Light on one foot, walking on their hands (for the gymnasts in the crowd!), or with their eyes closed. Younger children will find the classic version a hoot. Make up your own version for a staple summer outdoor game you and the kids can carry on playing or pass down for years to come!

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