A Warning Light for Your Skin

Your phone warns you the battery is almost drained, and you plug it in.
Your car’s low fuel light turns on, and you stop at a gas station.
Your sunscreen warning sticker turns purple, and you reapply.

Throw you off on that third one? Seems more like science fiction than reality, but it is true. There are now sunscreen warning stickers.

SPOTMYUV are UV sensitive stickers that turn from clear to purple when it is time to reapply sunscreen. The sticker goes back to clear when the fresh layer of sunscreen is blocking UV rays.

Affix a sticker to an exposed area of skin for sunscreen reminders lasting up to 12 hours or 6 sunscreen applications. SPOTMYUV are also water-resistant, so they work while swimming or sweating.

Researchers in Australia recently used SPOTMYUV stickers in a study of youth rugby players from 14-18 years old. They found that the teens used 3 times as much sunscreen when wearing a sticker.

These stickers got a bunch of teenagers to reapply sunscreen in the middle of a rugby tournament. That seems almost impossible.

SPOTMYUV stickers should be a part of any outdoor activity where you and your family tend to forget to reapply sunscreen. So, pretty much every outdoor activity.

Stickers come in 12-packs for $11.99. That’s not cheap, but it is worth it. Would having avoided your last painful sunburn been worth a $1.00? You bet!