At Home & On The Go Summer Activities For Kids

Wondering what to do with the kids over summer break? You’re certainly not alone!

Whether you need advice on how to keep the kids busy during summer while you work, or you want to find some fun summer activities for kids and adults to enjoy together, UV Skinz® has your list of super fun summer activities they will never forget–and the UPF 50+ clothing to keep them sun-safe all summer long. But first, let’s talk about fun summer activities!

Here are our best tips for what to do with the kids for summer break, whether you’re at home or you want to travel.

Fun Summer Ideas For Kids At-Home

1. Backyard Wilderness Fun

Fun summer activities for kids don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, some of the best ideas for what to do with kids for summer days spent at home are fun and free! One of our favorites? An afternoon filled with wilderness adventures.

From simple scavenger hunts to the backyard, plant and tree identification to tracking the sun with a homemade sundial, the possibilities–and activities–are endless!

2. Slip n’ Slide

The summer heat can certainly be daunting. If you are without a pool or you’re looking to mix things up, a slip n’ slide is a perfect choice. The slip n’ slides vary in cost, making it easy to find the perfect one for your budget or needs. If you’re feeling crafty and have the supplies, you can whip up your own slip n’ slide using clean tarps, plastic sheeting, and some baby soap for improved slipping and sliding power.

3. Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a super creative way to challenge their minds and bodies–not to mention keep them busy! Obstacle courses can be as simple, elaborate, easy, or complex as your heart desires, and the challenge of friendly competition can make for hours of fun.

Challenge the kids to races, or have them time themselves and try to set personal records. Add fun twists or rules to the obstacle course, and change it up in different ways to keep them engaged.

4. Art & Science Projects

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with the kids for summer vacation that will keep their minds fresh and imaginations flowing, art and science projects are the answer.

Rain or shine, there is always an art or science project they can dive into to teach them something new or improve their skills. Plus, weekly and monthly subscription boxes make it simple to try new age-appropriate STEM or art projects without requiring a trip to the store or hours of trial and error.

5. Examine the Stars

Summer fun for kids shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. Aside from backyard campouts and roasting marshmallows, you can keep your children’s curiosities alive past dusk by examining the stars.

Whether it’s with the naked eye or you have help from a telescope, taking time to look up and study the larger world around you opens up the gates to incredible conversations about the planet, space, and life itself. Who knows, maybe it will become a regular activity in your home!

Fun Summer Ideas For Kids On-The-Go

1. Water & Amusement Park Passes

If you’re wondering what to do with the kids over summer break that will really keep them occupied, it’s a trip to the amusement park. During the offseason, many amusement or water parks offer season tickets at a discounted price–some even as low as a one-day admittance to your favorite parks. Surprise the kids with park passes they can use several times throughout the summer.

2. Day or Overnight Camps

Figuring out how to keep kids busy during summer can be difficult, especially when you have other scheduled obligations like work. One fun summer activity busy parents can count on in situations like this is day or overnight camps.

Chances are your local school, community, or private organizations are offering summer camps for kids of most ages to attend. If your child has a specific interest, you may even be able to find an activity-focused camp that caters to their interests like art, theater, sports, space, science, coding, and more. Who knows what camps you will find!

3. Museum Trips

If you’re looking to step out for a day trip with the kids this summer. A museum is a great option. Not only can you count on the museum being filled with oh-so-cool air conditioning perfect for when the summer heat seems unbearable, but you can also immerse the kids (and yourself) into a whole new world of art, science, music, history, culture–whatever it might be. Check with your local library for discounted museum passes before you go!

4. Camping

Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature and is one of our favorite suggestions for what to do with the kids for summer vacation. These days, camping comes in many forms, from really roughing it with a tent in the woods to “glamping” and RV-style camping in family-friendly resorts.

No matter what you prefer your camping adventure to look like, there are countless options all over the country and close by that can meet your needs and help your family disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Fill your camping trip with nature walks and bike rides, stargazing, fishing, and more for a trip they won’t soon forget.

5. Road Trips

Depending on the kids’ ages, a road trip may be just the perfect opportunity to “get out of dodge” and reconnect while exploring new sites. Whether it’s a day trip across your state to that famed ice cream parlor or a weekend or week-long trip filled with all of the best snacks, music, and sights, you can count on a road trip being one of the fun summer activities for kids to remember forever. Don’t forget the camera!

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