Backyard Activities to Do While Staying Isolated

Hold a Backyard Chalk Drawing Contest

At UV Skinz, it has always been our mission to keep you and your family protected and safe. Due to the current global crisis, the best way we can fulfill this mission at this time is by following the CDC’s advice and recommending that you do your best to practice social distancing and remain at your homes for the foreseeable future. Although being physically isolated from the rest of the world is far less than ideal, it by no means has to be miserable. Here is a list of fun, engaging and safe outdoor activities to do with the family while doing your part to help “flatten the curve”.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is a perfect way for you and your family to reconnect and learn more about your home and what grows, lives and roams around it. Here are some easy instructions to help you get the hunt started!

Build a Fort

Who doesn’t love building forts? All you need is some sheets, a few boxes, and a little imagination to make a home away from home (in your home). Whether you build a magical castle for your little princesses and knights to explore, a magnificent manner where they can sip on the finest imaginary teas available, or a beach bungalow where they can relax while the tide shifts, your little ones are sure to stay entertained and enthralled for hours (if not days).

Have a Virtual Tea Party

A virtual tea party offers all the fun and fantastic delights of a normal tea party, minus the physical interaction. Brew up your favorite tea, set up your tea party supplies in a beautiful and picturesque part of your yard, invite all your favorite tea party guests to hop on a social platform you all share and enjoy! An extra bonus of virtual tea parties is that anyone can join no matter where they live. New to the virtual tea party scene? Here is a simple guide to help get the party started!

Put On a House Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Competition

Having a sidewalk chalk drawing competition is a fun, inexpensive and exciting way to keep your family entertained while practicing social distancing. Here is a list of fun sidewalk chalk art ideas to help get the competitive juices flowing!

Start a Home Garden

There can be many silver linings to being stuck at home for an extended period of time. One of them is finally having the time to start up that vegetable and flower garden you have also wanted. Even if you don’t currently have access to seeds or other necessary materials, you can still plan out the garden and get the groundwork started.

Starting a home garden will allow you to spend time outdoors, get your hands dirty and build something that will provide for you and your family for years to come. If starting a whole garden feels overwhelming, start off with something small such as a strawberry planter made out of a wooden pallet. (Bonus: strawberries are an excellent source of antioxidants and help protect your skin from within!)


This one is simple but it may be the most important. Put up a hammock, pull out a lounge chair, throw down a picnic blanket or just find a couch. Lay down, breathe, think happy thoughts, do absolutely nothing. At this point, we all deserve it.

We hope that the above backyard activities help you and your family stay entertained while practicing social distancing and doing your part to help “flatten the curve”. Although many aspects of life are limited at this time, we are happy that spending time and having fun with the family is not one of them. Stay tuned for more fun in the sun ways to get outside, stay active, and enjoy life while in self-isolation.