Can Honey Really Make Your Skin Healthier?

Autumn is here and with it comes cooler weather, falling leaves, and dry skin.

Cooler air, harsh winds, and various other seasonal factors combine to dry out our skin and make it more sensitive and irritable in the fall. Although we can’t change the weather, we can treat our skin in ways that help mitigate this irritation. Some of these ways are far more unconventional than others.

Using raw, unpasteurized honey, as a topical face cream is one of the best ways to relieve irritation caused by dry skin. Honey has natural exfoliating properties that help remove dead and dry cells from your skin. This helps reduce the itch and irritation of dry skin and leaves your skin looking bright and healthy.

The medical properties of honey have been utilized by humans for thousands of years. It is often used as a natural ointment to treat cuts and wounds because of its ability to help the body heal. It can also be used to reduce and remove scars caused by acne or severe sunburn.

Honey can be applied as a form of spot treatment, as a full face mask, or really any way that you would like. The only important thing is that you use raw honey that hasn’t had its beneficial components cooked out of it.

It is important to note that you should not use honey if you have any severe allergies associated with it or pollen. It is also always recommended that you test out a small portion of your skin before applying liberally.

Want to try out a honey face mask for yourself? Here is a great DIY video on how to make one.