Consider Sun Safety When Choosing a Summer Camp

Are you thinking about summer camp for your child? It’s a great way for kids to make new friends, learn new skills and have fun. They’ll certainly be kept busy with indoor and outdoor activities during their summer break.

When researching a camp that’s a good fit for your child, find out what policies are in place for sun safety. Keeping kids protected from UV rays should be a priority for parents and staff alike.

A painful sunburn can put a damper on your child’s camp experience, as well as contribute to premature skin aging and future skin cancer, including melanoma.

Do your Top Choice Camps Provide:

  • Camper Sun Education: Does the camp staff educate children about sun safety during the orientation program? The information should be geared to all age levels to help campers understand the importance of protecting their skin.
  • A Sunscreen Policy: Does the camp staff encourage and remind campers to apply and reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day, especially after swimming or sweating? Prompts and supervision from staff will help ensure that your child slathers sunscreen on frequently. Be sure to teach your kids how to properly apply sunscreen themselves before summer camp starts.
  • Plenty of Shade: Does the location offer lots of shade in the form of pavilions, large tents, shade trees, and other structures to protect campers from the sun? This is especially important during the peak sun hours of 10 am to 4 pm to prevent sunburn and overheating. Are these shaded areas set up with fun activities so your child isn’t bored just sitting in the shade?
  • Hydration Breaks and Reminders: Does the camp staff ensure that children stay hydrated by regularly providing group water breaks during outdoor activities? Check if water is accessible throughout the day for your child to stay hydrated.
  • Replacement of Forgotten or Lost Supplies: You’ve sent your child to camp with the required essentials. But what if your child loses an item like sunscreen or their sun hat, or they break their sunglasses? Or your day camper forgot their water bottle in the car when dropped off? Check if the staff has extra supplies available if this would occur.
  • Indoor Activity Choices During Peak Sun Hours: Some summer camps limit outdoor activities when the sun's rays are most intense. This can help prevent sunburn and dehydration while entertaining campers with plenty of indoor games, crafts, and activities.

Summer camp will help your child to thrive and love the great outdoors. Making sun safety a priority will help you feel confident that your child is in good hands while they have a blast this summer! Keep them (and your entire family) safe in the sun with UV Skinz UPF 50+ sun protective clothing and accessories.