Could Cholesterol Medications Lower Cancer-Related Deaths?

Lipid‐lowering medications (LLMs) could help you survive melanoma.

A recent observational study was conducted to identify any correlation between LLM use and cancer survival rates. What researchers found established a need for further studies.

Data was pulled by linking the Australian Cancer Database, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme database, and the National Death Index. 6430 female patients with newly diagnosed melanoma, breast, and colorectal cancer were identified. These patients had all been prescribed a cholesterol-lowering medication prior to diagnosis.

Results showed a noticeable association between survival rates and LLM use in the 1-year period following diagnosis. Increased adherence to prescribed cholesterol medications led to decreased mortality rates.

No strong conclusions can be drawn from this study, but it does pose many questions that future studies can try to answer. With further research LLMs could be repurposed as an adjuvant cancer therapy.