Driving Melanoma Research

Today is a day of reflection for us at UV Skinz. It was this day 20 years ago that Darren, a young husband and father of 3, lost his battle with melanoma. Darren’s passing would lead to the creation of UV Skinz as his wife, Rhonda, worked to help other families avoid such an awful experience.

As a way to celebrate Darren’s life, UV Skinz will make a donation in his name to a nonprofit that is putting up a good fight against melanoma.

This year, we chose the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation (TMMF).

Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation

Those who frequent our blog may be familiar with TMMF. This past May, Tara Miller’s twin sister Lauren wrote a wonderful My Story that we published.

Here is a bit about the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation and the amazing impact they are making on melanoma research.

Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation

Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation

What makes this foundation so special is that Tara Miller created it, herself, while battling melanoma.

Tara was a 28-year-old attorney with a bright future until she was diagnosed in July of 2013. When presented with treatment options, she quickly realized that melanoma patients need better choices.

In 2014, Tara formed the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation to raise funds to support research of melanoma treatments and ultimately a cure.

TMMF’s success in its first 7 years is astounding:

  • $4.6 million funded towards melanoma research
  • 35 projects selected & funded by the organization
  • 25 high impact studies published as a result of these funds
  • Funded projects at 7 of the top institutions for melanoma research in the world
  • 10 clinical trials funded from research with partnerships

Incredibly, Tara’s family covers all event and administrative costs for the foundation. 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to melanoma research.

For those in the Atlantic City, NJ area, the foundation’s annual “Make the Best Of It Bash” fundraiser is coming up. It looks like an amazing event for a great cause.

To help the Tara Miller Foundation with their quest to cure melanoma, UV Skinz will be donating $2500 in Darren’s name.

Learn more about Darren’s story.