Employee Tested and Approved: Long Sleeve Everyday Tee

Our best selling Everyday Tee just got even better. This soft, lightweight, and comfortable tee is now available with long sleeves that make it even more versatile than before.

Men's Long Sleeve Everyday Tee

Men's Long Sleeve Everyday Tee

I must admit, I may take the “everyday” in the name of our Everyday Tee a bit too literally. I love these shirts and wear them, well, almost everyday. Because of this, I was beyond stoked to learn that we were bringing a long sleeve version of this tee in as part of our new summer line.

I wanted to know if the new version of the tee could hold up to my expectation. So, I decided to test it out. I wore the shirt throughout the week in which I performed various activities to see if it could hold up. From skiing to just laying around the house, the shirt performed perfectly and, needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Casual, All Day Wear

The clean cut and trim fit of the new Long Sleeve Everyday Tee make it ideal for everyday wear, no matter where your day takes you. Although I wouldn't typically consider a crew neck long sleeve shirt to be something I would wear to work or out on a date, I did both of these in this shirt with absolutely no regrets or issues. The sleek finish and cut of the shirt make it feel much more formal than any other long sleeve shirt I have and the soft fabric the shirt is made out of makes it more than comfortable enough to wear all day long.


I loved exercising in this tee. Whether I was running, biking, or lifting weights at the gym, this shirt performed perfectly. The soft fabric of the shirt prevented my skin from chafing and, although I don't usually like working out in a long sleeve, this tee is lightweight and breathable enough to prevent overheating or any other such issues. The fabric the tee is made from is also sweat wicking which helped keep me cool and comfortable throughout my workouts.

Outdoor Recreation

The ultimate test of the tee for me was to see how it would perform throughout the various forms of outdoor recreation I love to do. I wore the tee hiking, rock climbing, and skiing and have nothing but good things to say about it. Lightweight and breathable, the shirt was not too hot to hike in and not having to put sunscreen on my arms was a huge plus. The four-way stretch fabric the shirt is made from allowed for complete free range of motion and didn’t restrict me at all while rock climbing. I loved wearing the tee as an undershirt while skiing and the thumbholes featured at the ends of the sleeves were perfect for keeping the shirt in place and protecting my wrists from the sun. The naturally antimicrobial properties of the shirt were also awesome in that they kept me feeling clean and smelling fresh (something those I recreate with probably appreciated more than me).

Sleeping and Relaxing

Despite being an excellent tee to exercise and recreate in, the Long Sleeve Everyday Tee is also perfect for just laying around or even sleeping in. Ultra soft and super comfortable, I can't think of a better tee to wear while watching TV, reading a book, or just laying around doing nothing.