Fun Indoor Places to Keep Kids Cool this Summer

Another school year has ended and your kids are pumped for summer fun! They enjoy splashing in the pool with friends, but you’d welcome activities to limit their UV exposure. While your kids can enjoy indoor activities at home, it’s fun to add a few creative outings to their summer schedule.

So here are a few ideas for ways to escape the heat. Hint: keep this list handy for rainy days or when the kids complain of boredom one too many times.

1. Bowling

Even if your child has never bowled before, it’s a super easy sport to learn. If you don’t have bowling shoes, rent them for a small fee. You can reserve a lane almost any day of the week, but certain hours may be blocked for other events or league bowling.

2. Children’s Cooking Class

Sign your kids up for a children’s cooking class to teach them basic skills and kitchen safety. This can be a parent-child bonding activity or they can share the experience with a friend! If your child enjoys the class (and you enjoy challenges), consider hosting a fun “cooking club” in your kitchen for your kids and their friends.

3. Indoor Adventure Park

Let the kids burn off some energy while improving their fitness and having a blast. Climbing walls, agility play, ropes courses, trampolines, go-karts, and arcades are just a sample of what your local indoor adventure park might offer. Kids can test and improve their agility and balance on plenty of fun courses and equipment.

4. Free Library

Take the kids to your local library and allow them plenty of time to peruse, read and choose a few books to take home. Why not sign them up for their own library card as well? While you’re there, check out other library offerings for kids. Ask for a calendar of upcoming events like an arts & crafts day or other library programs suited to your child’s age.

5. An Aquarium

Plan a day trip to check out awe-inspiring marine life exhibits that allow your kids to connect with nature. The wonders of nature, combined with touch-friendly exhibits create a great and memorable experience. You also can’t beat the quiet tranquility of watching fish gently swim – a great stressreducer for everyone.

6. Indoor Swimming

Hotels, YMCA's, aquatic centers, country clubs, and other organizations often rent out time in their indoor swimming pools. Hotel guests and other non-guests may be using the pool at the same time unless you reserve the entire pool. An indoor pool is a great way to splash and swim without the worry of harsh UV rays.

7. Cinema Matinee

Summer can bring extra discounts on children’s matinee prices, perfect for relief from the outdoor heat and your wallet. So catch a kid flick (first or likely second run) at your local cinemas. Check their websites for specific days, showtimes, and movie selections.

8. Children’s Museum

Inspire your kids with exhibits that offer educational and interactive play. Let them explore the internal workings of mechanics and technology, science principles, and so many more fascinating exhibits. A children’s museum offers the opportunity for your child to discover their interests while having fun.

9. Local Performing Arts Center

Spark your child’s creative and expressive side with shows geared toward kids. Actors, props, and music combine to bring a story to life. Performances created specifically for children may be shorter in length and offer the opportunity for kids to experience the artistry of the stage.

10. Ice Skating

Many ice skating rinks are typically open all year, even during the hot summer months. Any season is a great time to learn and practice new skills on the ice. So lace up the skates and try out this cool sport while the outdoor temperatures soar. These ten indoor ideas can keep your kids entertained and give them a break from the summer sun. Many of these activities offer additional classes or camps if your child enjoys them. For the days that you and your kids play outdoors, UV Skinz can help protect everyone’s skin with sunsafe clothing, swimwear, and accessories.