Hawaii Welcomes You Back

For the last 6 months, the warm sands and delicious Mai Tai’s of Hawaii have been out of reach. The 14-day mandatory requirement put in place on March 26, 2020, made travel to Hawaii impractical. Who has time to waste the first 2 weeks of their vacation quarantining?

On October 15, 2020, this all changes. It will once again be possible to enjoy that “Aloha” spirit.

Pre-Travel Testing

Hawaii is rolling out a new COVID-19 travel option, Pre-Travel Testing, for those visiting the islands. This new option uses testing and screening to allow incoming travelers to bypass the quarantine and go straight to the beach, instead.

To skip quarantine, you must provide negative COVID-19 test results. That test must have been administered within 72-hours of your departure. The State of Hawaii requires tests be FDA-authorized nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) from a CLIA licensed or certified lab.

Upon arrival, passenger temperatures are checked, and health questionnaires are completed online.

If there are issues with your lab results or health screening, or you are running a fever, straight to quarantine you go.

Safe Travels Account

Every traveler to Hawaii must register for a free Safe Travels account with the State of Hawaii. This online account is where you register your travel plans and manage your trip.

You go to your Safe Travels account to complete the Mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form within 24-hours of departing.

Negative COVID-19 test results are uploaded to your Safe Travels account.

Once Hawaii’s travel requirements are met through Safe Travels, a QR code is emailed to the traveler. Display the QR code on your phone to make getting through the airport a lot easier.

State of the State

Wondering how Hawaii is doing in the battle against the coronavirus? It would be nice to know what to expect when you land.

Hawaii has created an amazing resource in their COVID-19 Data Dashboard. This single page gives a concise overview of where the state stands.

Hawaii's COVID-19 Dashboard
In a matter of days, you could have sand between your toes and a cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas in your hand. All that stands between you and that flower lei is a negative COVID-19 test.