Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching so it’s time to pick gifts for the special people in your life. Why not create a theme basket for a loved one, friend, co-worker, or virtually anyone on your gift list?

Sure, you can find pre-made baskets filled with candy, cheese, or other fun things. But a personalized gift basket is a simple and budget-friendly way to show someone they’re special.

How to make a gift basket:

  1. Select a theme for your gifts based on the recipient’s interests and activities
  2. Choose gifts within this theme that your recipient might enjoy
  3. Pick a basket or other theme-based container to hold your gift items
  4. Prepare the basket by laying decorative paper shreds or other filler at the bottom of the basket (Tip: you can make your own filler by shredding wrapping paper or colorful tissue paper in a paper shredder)
  5. Arrange the gift items in the container so they can all be seen easily. Use leftover paper shreds to fill in gaps between gift items
  6. Add a decorative touch by tying a pretty ribbon and a personalized gift tag to the container

If you are transporting the gift, consider wrapping it in cellophane paper to prevent items from falling out of a shallow container. Place the filled container in the center of a large sheet of cellophane paper, pulling the corners together at the top, twisting the corner ends together, and securing with a ribbon tie.

Ideas to inspire your own theme baskets:

  • Asian Cuisine Enthusiast – Fill a wok with Asian sauces, spices, and utensils
  • New Homeowner – Fill a large bucket with an extension cord, measuring tape, bump dots and furniture sliders, big box store gift certificate, stud finder, flashlight, fire extinguisher
  • Avid Hiker – Stuff a new backpack with a compass, sunscreen, hiking socks, first aid kit, hand warmers
  • Dog Lover – Place dog treats, plush toy, poop bags, and a paw print blanket in a pet food bin
  • New Year Harmony Seeker – Pick a Bonsai tree starter kit, lavender scented candle, wind chimes, aromatherapy diffuser, daily affirmation cards
  • Grandchildren Indoor Entertainer – Add board games, card games, art supplies, children’s books, snacks, and ice cream toppings to a wood crate or fabric cube
  • Simple Chef – Select an air fryer, silicone tongs, pre-cut parchment paper, oil sprayer, set of silicone baking cups
  • Ocean Cruiser – Swim cover-up, sunscreen, sun hat, ginger candy, towel clips, lip balm, collapsible water bottle, hand sanitizer wipes, cruise-approved power strip. Check out UV Skinz full line of UPF 50+ clothing and accessories to keep you sun-safe while you cruise.
  • Comfort Seeker – Consider flavored teabags, cocoa mix, whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, candy canes, peppermint liquor, salted caramel candy, scented candle, cozy blanket

Happy Gifting!