Hoods: A Great Summer Option for the Whole Family

When you leave your head and neck exposed to the harsh sun, you risk skin damage and skin cancer. One solution to protecting these areas from harmful UV rays is by wearing hooded clothing. Even better, hoods certified with UPF 50+ offer serious sun protection to keep your whole family safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Those living with autoimmune and other health conditions, and those taking certain medications, may experience photosensitivity from UV exposure. These individuals can also benefit from UPF 50+ hooded apparel to prevent sunburns and health disorder symptom flares.

So Many Benefits to Wearing UV Skinz UPF 50+ Hooded Apparel

  • Shields your head, neck, torso, and arms from UV rays as soon as you put it on 
  • Minimizes the amount of exposed skin that requires sunscreen application/re-application
  • No worry about missing areas on your head, neck, torso, and arms like you do with sunscreen application
  • Optional thumb holes help protect your wrists and tops of your hands when reaching
  • Drawstring, zipper, or snap closure allow a customized fit for your face
  • Convenient pocket(s) for carrying your essentials or resting your hands
  • Breathable and quick-drying fabrics
  • Loose fit for easy movement without restriction
  • Lightweight fabric allows layering if desired

Whether it’s a sun hoodie, hooded cover-up, hooded jacket, or hooded sun shirt, it’s a versatile piece of fashion. A UPF 50+ hoodie is a lightweight and breathable sun barrier that is perfect for trail hiking, fishing, biking, or a day at the water park.

Hooded apparel is also a good choice when traveling to block drafts and for sudden weather changes. Look for hooded UPF 50+ apparel in zippered, pullover, lace tie, and other styles. A versatile sun-safe hoodie might just become your new summer favorite.

Hoodies are Great for Kids

Hooded sun apparel is a great option for little ones who frequently pull off their sun hats. UPF 50+ hoodies can shield their delicate skin from painful sunburns and sun damage risks. And you can safeguard your child’s future health by keeping them sun-safe now. Help kids make sun protection a habit from an early age so it becomes a normal routine when they grow up.

Hoodies also minimize the amount of skin that requires re-slathered with sunscreen. This is a great benefit when your child is squirmy and wants to get back to playing. Select a hooded style that suits your child best, be it full-zip, pullover, or other hooded cover-ups. If possible, let your child pick the color and pattern they’re happy to wear often.

UV Skinz offers certified UPF 50+ hooded apparel for children that is breathable and quick drying. They are also designed with a lightweight, soft fabric that keeps kids cool and comfortable. These garments are great for outdoor play or as a cover-up after swimming. UV Skinz also has hooded beach cover-ups for your littlest ones, to keep them warm, dry, and UV protected, too.

In addition to hoodies, you can also minimize your risk of sun damage and skin cancer by:

  • Seeking shade under a tree, umbrella, or structure
  • Planning outside activities before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. to avoid the harshest UV rays
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to any exposed skin
  • Wear additional protective clothing like long pants
  • Buy sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them
  • Cover your head with a UPF 50+ wide brim hat of 3” or more if you don’t wear a hood

These sun protection essentials work together to provide complete UV coverage while you and your family create fun memories outdoors.