Host a Neighborhood Chalk Art Walk

Are your kids going a bit stir crazy? Sure, they are. It’s probably the same case for every house in your neighborhood. With social distancing comes boredom.

There are ways that a neighborhood can come together (from a safe distance) to support one another.

A friend of mine’s neighborhood created their own chalk art walk night. The host made flyers and left them on each neighbors’ doorstep. The flyer announced a date for the chalk walk and asked people to decorate the sidewalk in front of their homes.

On the evening of the walk, families went out to enjoy the neighborhood’s creativity. All while keeping proper social distance, of course.

Tip: Should you not want to deliver flyers, there are ways to connect with your neighbors online. Many communities have Facebook groups. is another good site for communicating with neighbors.

Chalk Walk
Chalk Walk
Chalk Walk

Create Stained-Glass Chalk Art in 3 Steps

With this simple technique, even the most artistically challenged can create something to be proud of.

Frame Your Drawing

You’re going to need tape. Work with what you have around the house. It just needs to stick well enough to clean concrete.

Use tape to create the frame for your stained-glass mosaic chalk art.

Color the Sections

Time to pull out your sidewalk chalks and go to town. Don’t worry about drawing on the tape, it isn’t staying.

Fill in the sections of your stained-glass mosaic with chalk.

Pull Up the Tape

Peel back the tape to reveal your masterpiece.

Peel back the tape and enjoy your stained-glass mosaic chalk art.