Outdoor Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day ♡

Valentine's Date Ideas : Get outside

Who says Valentine’s Day has to mean expensive roses, chocolates and fancy dinners…it doesn’t! We love ‘love’ and we love the outdoors, and we’ve decided to combine the two and share our all-time favorite outdoor date ideas. These suggestions (and personal recommendations from the UV Skinz team!) are great if you’re on a budget, if you appreciate quality time, or if you’d like to get in touch with nature (hey…or all of the above!).

Take a Hike.

Date Idea: Go outside and take a hike!

Going for a hike or a walk in nature can be an incredibly relaxing experience. Plus, it can be a great opportunity to reconnect with a loved one or get to know someone new, away from the buzz of “real life”.

We like to get outside for a hike. With small children at home it is good to connect in the peace of nature. – Jason, Customer Service Team

Have a picnic (double points if you hike there!).

Not a cook? Then picnics are a dream come true for you! Picnics are quite possibly one of the easiest BEST outdoor date ideas, ever. Grab some healthy snacks, a couple sandwiches, a few water bottles, pack it all in a bag along with a blanket to sit on and you’re good to go! Hike somewhere private, visit a local park, or set up a sweet scene in your very own backyard (like I said, easy!)!

I like to look at a trail map and find a lake or spot on the river that is an easy hike but off the beaten path and pack a backpack with a bottle of wine and some yummy snacks. Last time Sarah and I {went on a picnic} we were just a few hundred yards below a pretty popular destination, but where we were felt thousands of miles from anyone. We had our own little romantic spot and never saw another soul. An amazing picnic together, and absolutely uninterrupted quality time. The best! -Tim, Graphic Design Team

Play in the Snow!

If you live somewhere where it snows, and it recently has, go play in it! Relive your childhood days when school got canceled, and bond with your significant other by building snowmen, making snow angels, or having a playful snowball fight.

Outside Date Idea: Play in the snow!

Grab some warm blankets, your snow boots, some to-go food or homemade sandwiches, and head up the mountain far past the point of cell service. Snack in the back of the truck or car and adventure in the snow for a simple but personal outing. – Emilie, Production & Design Team

And if it’s warm enough, do something involving water!

There are so many outdoor water activities that are literally perfect for dates. Take a walk on the beach, go kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, so many options! Understandably, however, it may be a little too chilly still in February for some of you to enjoy these types of water activities together, so this one is optional (check out our Warm Skinz if you want something to help you stay warm during water play when the weather on the chilly side!).

Outside date idea: do something involving water!

No matter how cold it may seem, get out on those paddle-boards for a tranquil & romantic ride together. – Jane, Production & Design Team