September is Perfect for Coastal Beach Trips

While many consider Labor Day as the transition to autumn, not everyone needs to pack up their beach chairs yet! For those with flexible time, September offers many great perks at coastal US beaches. The weather and water temperatures are still warm and beachgoers will still find activities and events to enjoy after Labor Day.

That’s why September is the perfect time for many vacationers to book a US beach trip. Parents with small children can vacation after Labor Day since they aren’t restricted by school calendars. Empty nesters can escape to the beach after waving goodbye to their youngest at college. It’s also an ideal time for girlfriend getaways.

A Few Beach Perks after Labor Day Include:

  • Crowds of summer tourists have disappeared from the boardwalks and piers. This mainly applies to weekdays, since weekends can still draw crowds for festivals, music concerts, and other events.
  • Traffic heading to, from, and within the shore town is almost non-existent on weekdays. Parking is also less competitive on weekdays since most summer tourists have packed up and left after Labor Day.
  • Biking uncrowded pathways and streets will make you feel like you’re a year-round local. So bring or rent a bike to enjoy the sights of the local area.
  • Reading that summer novel with the soothing sound of the waves instead of loud voices and blasting music wafting from the beach blanket three feet away.
  • Long wait lines for a restaurant table or amusement park rides are short or non-existent on weekdays
  • Dog-friendly beaches may permit your canine buddy to romp and sunbathe during the beach day starting mid to late September. Rules vary from beach to beach, so be sure to check the dates, times, leashing, and other rules before heading to the shoreline.
  • Bargains and discounts on end-of-season tourist merchandise, especially items with the current year.
  • The weather during the daytime remains warm, while evenings will have cooler and more comfortable breezes – a perfect time to wear that souvenir sweatshirt you bought for a steal!
  • Water temperatures remain similarly as warm as late July and August. Be sure to check if lifeguards are on duty at the beach after Labor Day or if you must swim at your own risk.
  • Lodging prices on rental houses and hotels are less expensive than the high summer season. In addition, summer minimum-stay requirements may no longer apply after Labor Day.

Pack Sun Protection

When you’re creating your list of beach necessities to pack, be sure to include the UV-shielding sun essentials. The September sun is still intense, especially when reflecting off of water and sand. And nobody wants a painful sunburn (or an increased risk of skin cancer) to keep them from enjoying the sun and sand. So pack a high SPF sunscreen, UVA/UVB blocking sunglasses and a wide brim hat.

Next, take a look at your swimwear and cover-ups. Are they faded or stretched out from lots of use this summer? Now’s the time to replace them with end-of-summer deals. Hurry and check out our UV Skinz selection of UPF 50+ sun clothing and accessories on sale from baby to adult sizes.

Other Seaside Activities

In addition to catching some waves, check the local beach guide for a calendar of daily events and activities. You’ll likely find activities like arts & crafts and amusement parks for kids as well as nightlife events for adults. You can also create some low-key fun with pier fishing, mini-golfing, or enjoying your hotel’s crowd-free pool.

September offers so many reasons for enjoying a coastal US beach vacation, especially with the benefits and savings after Labor Day. No matter which beach location you choose, do it with sun safety in mind. UV Skinz has UPF 50+ clothing and accessories you can trust to help you feel confident while making vacation memories with family or friends.