Skin Cancer App Adds Augmented Reality

Following the ABCDE’s of Skin Cancer isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Performing and documenting a self-examination is no simple task.

Thanks to mobile apps like Miiskin, completing regular self-examinations is much easier. Those apps use your phone’s camera to log moles to determine changes in shape or color.

One area that apps haven’t been as efficient at is in determining mole size and any changes in diameter. Perceived size can vary depending on the distance and angle an image is taken. Just so happens that the Miiskin iPhone app has found a fix for this using augmented reality.

Miiskin’s new Mole Sizing feature provides accurate mole measurements. The feature uses an object like a coin as a size reference. Augmented reality is then used to make sure the coin is placed properly, and its skew is determined. 

Download the Miiskin iPhone app and give it a try with their 30-day free trial. It could just be the tool you need to keep track of your ABCDE’s. 

*Photo courtesy of Miiskin