Sneaky Ways to Gift Your Guys with Sun Protection

You want to protect your family from the dangers that the sun can cause. This includes the men in your life, who may be a bit more haphazard about using sun protection measures. So gifting is one way you can gently encourage them to stay safe in the sun.

It’s not always easy to find gifts for the guys in your life – your boyfriend, father, brother, son, etc. You want the gift to be meaningful, not left on a shelf or in a closet. So give them a gift that protects their skin and health – and could save their life. UV protection helps to reduce their chances of developing skin cancer and increase their time to create more memories.

And it’s never too late to prevent sun exposure, even if he’s already had skin cancer. UV exposure accumulates over time, increasing your skin cancer risk. Simple everyday activities like pumping gas in your vehicle can add up. If he’s inconsistent with sunscreen, protective clothing can still help. Ideally, protective clothing combined with sunscreen on any exposed skin works best. That’s why UV Skinz offers a range of UPF50+ clothing and accessories for serious UV protection and peace of mind in the sun.

Some great choices for sun-safe gifts include Father’s Day, Birthday, anniversary, or starting a new hobby or activity. But a blatant UV-shielding gift might feel a bit pushy. So consider one of these gift “themes” that pairs a classic gift with a sun-safe item. This sneaky maneuver can help keep your guys’ health and skin safer.

The Gardener

Did dad just retire and wants to dabble in a vegetable garden? A garden tote complete with hand tools, gloves, and a kneeling pad is a great gift idea. Pair with a UPF 50+ Wide Brim Field Hat to protect his ears, face, and neck and he’s ready to get planting!

The Vehicle Maintainer

Does he enjoy keeping his ride clean and shiny? A Car Care Kit that includes a bucket, interior, exterior, and tire cleaners is perfect. Add a UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt to shield him from damaging UV rays.

The Golfer

The recreational golfer may appreciate a lightweight golf bag with a stand. Fill a few pockets with gloves and a golf towel. Then add a pair of UPF 50+ Bamboo Sun Sleeves to protect his arms from the harsh UV rays while he’s playing a round of golf.

The Runner

For the guy who enjoys racking up mileage on his feet, a pair of earbuds, a water bottle, a cooling towel, and a UPF 50+ Men’s Long Sleeve Active Sun & Swim Shirt will be much appreciated.

The Weekender

Gift the significant guy in your life with a romantic weekend to the mountains, lake, or beach. Include a comfortable and classic UPF 50+ Pullover Hoodie that he can wear on your outdoor walks along the water.

The Hiker

Is his hiking backpack a bit frayed? Purchase a lightweight but sturdy backpack with ample storage for the stuff he likes to have handy. Fill it with a few items like a compass, first-aid kit, and the UPF 50+ Ultra Adventure Hat with neck cape.

Encourage these special men to find shade while enjoying their activities. Stress the importance of also wearing a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen, an SPF lip balm, and 100% UVA/UVB sunglasses to protect their eyes. You can also model sun-safe practices by regularly using sun protection 365 days a year, no matter the season. Men need to take sun safety more seriously, but until then, a little nudge from you can keep him better protected.