Spring Isn’t Canceled. It’s Time to Step Into the Sunshine.

Hi Everyone,

I don’t normally send personal emails like this but I’ve just had this strong desire to check in with everyone to make sure you are okay.

I say this because I myself am wobbling from being ‘okay’ one day to ‘uncertain’ the next. I’ve appreciated getting check-ins from folks in my circle.

I’m also reminding myself almost daily that even though the world is crazy right now, this too shall pass. I need to remember to keep some sort of routine in my life and not just sit in front of the TV or computer screen, watching and reading only updates on the coronavirus.

Now more than ever, we need to remember to get outside and breathe some fresh air every once in a while, to help keep our minds and bodies from dipping into a mode of constant anxiety or unease. I set a reminder on my phone to help remind me to do this every afternoon. (Wish me luck in accomplishing this small act each day! ;-)

I’ve also been having emergency marketing meetings with our team and brainstorming on what we can do to help support our customers during this time.

Expect more than the usual discount campaigns (we REALLY appreciate your business during this time!). We will also be sending more content-driven emails with stories, tips, and ideas on how to enjoy your time with family in your backyard and neighborhood. I’m most looking forward to upcoming articles on how to keep your sanity and perspective in all of this. We could all use this!

If you have any other ideas on ways we can support you, please reply and let me know. Or, just reply and let me know you’re okay.

Maybe even share some photos of your favorite past vacations or sunny days where your UV Skinz helped you enjoy the great outdoors worry-free? It brightens my day more than anything else to know that our products have helped families live sun safe!

Please hang in there, give yourself grace and count your blessings. (Yes, we still have so many of them!)

A friend sent me the video below that really puts things into perspective. I felt it was worth passing along.

To sun-safe days,

Rhonda Sparks

Founder of UV Skinz

Rhonda and her kids in Hawaii

Darren’s Story

(“UV Skinz was founded on silver linings. We will get through this together!” ~ Rhonda)

Keeping Things In Perspective