The Best Family Christmas Gifts You Can Give This Year

The holidays are a special time to make lasting memories with the ones you love most. Of course, between party planning, decorating, and holiday shopping, the season of merriment can pass us by quickly if we aren’t careful.

In the spirit of spending more quality time together, we dare you to try something different this year: gift holiday gifts for family and friends to enjoy together. To help, we’ve put together a list of five whole family gift ideas you may consider this holiday season.

5 Family Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Budget

1. Family Vacation

Number one on our list of best family Christmas gift ideas is, of course, a family vacation! What better time to bond with your family than with a relaxing vacation where you can all let loose for a few days? Whether it’s a weekend getaway you can drive to or a full-fledged warm-weather vacation you’ll need trains, planes, and automobiles to reach, you can rest assured knowing your family will remember that surprise trip for the rest of their lives.

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Family Vacation

2. Tabletop Polaroid Camera

In this digitally advanced age, nothing takes you back quite like a polaroid picture. Now that polaroids are making a comeback, family members of all ages can get excited about snapping photos throughout the weeks and months with a tabletop polaroid dedicated to in-the-moment events and “I need to get this on camera” happenings. This whole family gift idea is perfect for collecting photos that won’t need to be downloaded or printed. All you’ll need to do is set up a spot for the camera and future photos to live and let the magic happen! We’re certain family members of all ages will find this to be one of the best family Christmas gift ideas they can use long after the holidays to capture special moments.

Polaroid Camera

3. Monthly Subscription Box

Another gift that keeps on giving great family memories is a whole family monthly subscription box. The best thing about monthly subscription boxes is that they come in dozens of themes, making it simple to find the perfect box for your family. From cooking to games, STEM boxes, and art subscriptions, you can get a family Christmas gift delivered to your door monthly and instill a new favorite monthly tradition you all enjoy.

Subscription Box

4. Family Game Night Starter Pack

Whether you’re a family of gamers or you simply want a fun way to bond with the ones you love any given night of the week, putting together a family game night starter pack is one of the best holiday gifts for a family of any size. For instance, you can create a big gift basket full of fun card and board games, popcorn, or your family’s favorite snacks to create not just a good family Christmas gift but a great Christmas gift for the whole family.


5. Household Message Board

Plenty of families know all too well the rigmarole daily life can bring, which makes our last family Christmas gift idea recommendation one of our favorites. If you need a time-efficient way to let your family members know you’re thinking of them (and vice versa), add a message board to your most frequented room in the house. Whether it’s the kitchen, the kids’ hangout, the living room, or even the bathroom, you can leave daily messages for family members for a fun household activity everyone can utilize. Leave an encouraging note for that math test when you have to be to work early or end the night with a “sweet dreams.” No matter what the message is, rest assured your message board is a fun and easy way to stay connected even when life gets crazy.


This holiday season, we challenge you to give the holiday gifts for family you can all enjoy together, whether it’s once in a while, once a month, or every day. Who knows, maybe your family gift ideas will spark new traditions and lead to special, quality bonding time you can all reminisce on for years to come.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!