The Sunscreen of Tomorrow, Today.

Being a sun-protection company you would think that we wouldn’t want anyone to know about other products out there, but you are wrong. Check out the new products out there, the important thing is that you protect yourself and the ones you love. Here are some interesting items that came across my radar recently:

Last night while I was watching “The Office” (best show on television) Season Finale I noticed a very interesting Coppertone ad in which they used their “Derma-Photo Booth” to show the unseen effects of the sun. What?! I can’t find any real information on this “Derma-Photography” that they use, but it sounds pretty cool. If it is effective and purposeful why don’t more dermatologists use it for early diagnosis? Weather gimmick or science technology the “Derma-Photo Booth” is touring the nation. Check out for times and places. If nothing else you can get a freaky blue photo of yourself.

Neutrogena is offering the Helioplex line of sun protection this season with a high of SPF 70, which is pretty high.

Oil of Olay is sponsoring the “Skin Cancer Takes a Friend” movement this month where you can go onto their site, locate a participating dermatologist and get a free checkup for you and a friend.

In more off the wall news:

“Using bacteria that have been harvested from the hydrothermal vents, a French cosmetics company has developed a “smart” ingredient for sun lotions that increases skin protection as the temperature rises.”

That’s right to get your “thermal-vent-microbug-juice” before the species goes extinct. I don’t know when this product is going to be released, but I am sure it will be pricey and everyone in Hollywood will own a bottle. It looks like this story was first released in November 2001 and I haven’t heard of anything new in the bug lotion market so maybe it already failed. Who knows?