Traveling Over Winter Break?

“A lot of planning goes into pulling off the ‘perfect’ family vacation. Sun safety should be top of mind.”

Traveling over winter break

During the winter months most people are not thinking about UV sun damage or the fact that sun protection is year-round. Our risk of sunburn in cooler cloudy climates is considerably less than the beaches of your upcoming tropical vacation or other sunny destination. On overcast days the clouds can block anywhere from 70-90% of UVB rays, which at full force can give you a sunburn if you aren’t protected. On sun-soaked beaches your exposure to UVB and the skin damaging UVA rays are much higher. Keeping your family sun-safe while enjoying your time together is important. A lot of planning goes into pulling off the ‘perfect’ family vacation and sun safety should be top of mind.

A good reminder is to Apply Cover and Enjoy anytime you will be spending more than 15 minutes outside. This guide was created by the Enright Melanoma Foundation so that individuals and families could have the tools to stay sun-safe.

Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ according to package instructions and re-apply often (every couple of hours or more if you sweat or get wet).

Cover as much exposed skin as you can with a wide-brimmed hat, UV-protective clothing, sunglasses, or seek the shade during the peak hours of the day (10am-4pm).

Enjoy the outdoors! The world is just waiting for us to explore it and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. We shouldn’t let fear of sun damage, skin cancer or melanoma stop us from enjoying it, but we do need to be smart and practice sun safe habits daily.

This new collection has made packing for a destination vacation a breeze! Each piece was carefully designed with functionality, comfort and sun-safety in mind for the whole family. The Resort Collection boasts casual styles using soft light weight fabric with built in UPF 50+ that will provide all day comfort. UV Skinz is known for their quick-drying fabric so you can rest assured that you are receiving maximum sun protection in or out of the water. This new collection also features ultra-soft viscose fabric from bamboo (in certain styles) that is naturally breathable and moisture wicking.

What makes uv-protective clothing a great choice is how easy it is to protect yourself from harmful UV rays just by getting dressed! You will only need to apply sunscreen to the exposed part of your body not covered by your clothing. We know that just one blistering sunburn can increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

You can enjoy the sun worry-free and trust that UV Skinz has you covered when it comes to your sun protection needs!!