UV Skinz Down Under!

Memorial Day weekend, Marcia Cross and her family were seen soaking-up the California sun by magazines in the U.S. Now check out Marcia Cross and daughter Savannah spotted in Australia’s Who Magazine! Savannah is skipping away in our retro Makena and green boy-cut shorts.

Marcia Cross doesn’t deny her passion for skin cancer awareness, since two of her relatives have been diagnosed and survived Melanoma. She is a mom that knows just how important it is to choose the right sun protection for her family.

UV protective clothing is the best worry-free way to protect our skin from UV damage and possible skin cancer, especially for children.

Her twin girls have been wearing UV Skinz almost half their lives and will grow up learning how to enjoy the sun while still practicing great sun-protection habits.

Way to go Marcia!

Marcia Cross and daughter Savannah spotted in UV Skinz