Your Clothes Aren’t Keeping You Covered

Although they are undoubtedly good looking, your clothes may not be adequately protecting you from the sun.

The average UPF rating for a simple cotton or linen shirt is around 5. This is far below the UPF 30+ rating that is required by any garment to qualify for the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Seal of Recommendation

Every day sun protection is a must. It is essential to wear clothing with a high UPF rating whenever possible to assure you mitigate the damage the sun can cause to your skin.

There are many factors that affect the UPF rating of clothing.

Some of these factors include:


Dark-colored clothing typically has a higher UPF rating. Dark colors such as black, charcoal, and blue absorb UV radiation rather than transmit it to your skin. Light-colored clothing typically has very low UPF ratings and provide only minimal protection.


Loose-fitting clothing shades your body and provides better protection than tight clothing. When tight clothing stretches, the weave of the fabric spreads apart which allows for more UV radiation to enter and damage your skin.


The more skin your clothes cover, the more protection they provide. Although this seems obvious, it is important to keep in mind when wearing items that have unique and stylish cuts and designs.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The best way to assure that the clothing you are wearing is keeping you completely covered is to buy clothing that has been specially treated to have a high UPF rating.

Luckily, UPF 30-50+ clothing is no longer just for the beach or the pool. As awareness about skincare and the importance of sun protection grows, more and more companies are providing stylish, comfortable, and protective UPF clothing that is designed for everyday wear.

stylish, comfortable, and protective UPF clothing