Your Summer Is Not Lost!

It may seem like this summer is a bust. So much is closed that finding outdoor activities can be hard.

The country is beginning to re-open from various degrees of stay-at-home orders. With these phased re-openings, many opportunities to get out and celebrate the sun (safely, please) are becoming available.

Here are some ideas for ways to welcome summer.

What is open in each state is different. Within each state, openings can vary at the county and city level. It is best to check your state and local government websites.

Some activities may have new limitations or requirements like reservations. Be sure to check before you go.

State parks and beaches are a great way to social distance by getting back to nature.


State Parks & Trails

No better way to social distance than by getting into nature. State parks offer a wide array of outdoor activities like hiking and swimming.

States – D.C., Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Quite possibly the most anticipated opening, beaches in many states are open. Some county and city beaches throughout the country are remaining closed.

States – Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

National Parks

National Parks are slowly re-opening. Check at specific parks on the National Park Service website.

County and City Parks

Openings vary greatly from location to location. Check your local government websites.

Golf courses, community pools, and putt-putt are great sunny day activities.

Physical Activity

Golf Courses

Courses are starting to accept golfers back with strict limitations. This usually includes 1 person per cart and only 2 players in a group.

States – D.C., Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin

Miniature Golf

If actual golf isn’t your thing, perhaps putt-putt is? A couple states have fired up those tiny windmills again.

States – California, Ohio


A few states have reached the phase in their re-opening where playgrounds are being made available to kids again.

States – Colorado, Iowa, Ohio


Just in time for summer, states all over the country are opening up pools again.

States – Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia

Skate Parks

Iowa is letting their skateboarders out to the park.

States – Iowa

Tennis Courts

A fun game of doubles tennis is a great way to catch up with friends while staying far enough apart.

States – D.C., Indiana, Nevada

Day Camps

Kids in Maryland won’t be missing summer camp this year.

States – Maryland

Fishing and boating are possible again in many states.

Bays, Lakes, & Rivers


Waterways are back open for fishermen in several states.

States – Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington


Docks and marinas are back in business in many areas.

States – Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina

Outdoor attractions and venues like zoos are opening.

Outdoor Attractions

Amusement Parks

You can still get your adrenaline fix with roller coaster this summer.

States – Indiana, Tennessee

Water Parks

Nothing cools you on a hot day like a waterslide.

States – Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, Texas


Travel to far off lands through your local zoo. Their residents are from all over the world.

States – California, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia

Things are changing so quickly that this information could be out-of-date by the time you read it. For current re-opening details, visit one of these websites:

As you can see, there is still a lot that you can do to enjoy the sun this summer. As states continue through their phases, even more options will become available.