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Baby UPF 50+ Swimwear & Clothing

Your baby's skin deserves the highest-quality sun protection available, especially during the summer months when you spend more time in the sun. The only issue is you can’t put sunscreen on your baby until they’re 6 months old, per The Skin Cancer Foundation. Fortunately, there’s another option: baby and toddler UPF 50+ swimwear also known as baby/toddler UV swimwear.

To enjoy time outdoors with your family without worrying about your baby getting a sunburn, you can opt for baby bathing suits and swimwear with UPF protection. 

Here at UV Skinz®, we have a large selection of baby and toddler UPF swimwear and baby and toddler UPF clothing so your little one will be protected from the sun all year long. 

UV Skinz®’s Baby Sun Protection Swimsuits

Protect your little swimmer from the sun with baby sun protection swimsuits from UV Skinz®. Specializing in baby swimwear, we all know that playing in the sun is supposed to be fun, and nothing is less fun than your little one getting a sunburn! 

Our cute-as-can-be baby UV swimwear is made for sunning, swimming, and splashing all day long, with certified UPF 50+ materials that are also soft, lightweight, and quick-drying to ensure a no-fuss day outside. Here are our favorite and well-loved sun protective swimsuits for babies:

Baby UV Swimwear: Swim Shirts

Protecting your baby’s skin with baby UPF swimwear starts with a carefully crafted baby girl swim shirt or baby boy swim shirt. These baby swim shirts provide total top-half protection. Designed with a mock neckline and raglan cut sleeves, our swim shirts for babies provide optimal sun protection and comfort, so it’s easy for your baby to move around and play. Baby swim shirts are similar to baby wetsuits but are much more relaxed and breathable so your baby won't feel constricted while playing.

Baby UV Swimwear: Swim Shorts and Swimsuits

Baby swim shorts with swimsuits are exactly what you need to keep your baby protected from the sun from head to toe. Whether you put a swim outfit together or find the perfect one-piece baby swimsuit, our swimsuits for your little one come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose the perfect swim outfit for every activity.

For a simple way to get your baby ready for their big beach debut, explore our baby one-piece suits that offer raglan sleeves and calf-length bottoms yet are made from breathable sun fabric that still keeps your baby cool and comfortable. It's all about finding that perfect blend of comfort, style, and sun protection, and these cute baby UV swimwear staples tick all these boxes and more.

Toddler Sun Protection Swimsuits

We also have a wide variety of toddler swimsuits with UV protection to keep your kid sun-safe through all of life's adventures. While your toddler can wear sunscreen at this time in his/her life, why not dress him/her in UPF 50+ swimwear too to have peace of mind whenever he/she's outside?

Our UPF swimwear makes it to easy to keep your little toddler sunburn free, and it's also so cute your little one won't mind. Plus, if you have a fussy toddler who doesn't like sunscreen, you're in luck! Kids love putting on our UV swimsuits as they're comfortable and buttery soft. 

Baby Swim Accessories

Baby swimwear is just the start of full sun protection for your little one. You can ensure the safety of your baby’s skin with baby swim accessories, all of which are designed with UPF 50+ protection. Be sure to add a matching baby sun hat to complete your little one's sun-safe ensemble.

Live the Sun-Safe Life with the Best Baby Sun Protective Swimwear

UV Skinz® is happy to offer some of the best baby sun protection swimwear ever, so make sure to shop our complete selection today. From baby sun hats to towels, keep your baby safe from the sun to, from, and during all outdoor activities. Shop with us today to find the best UPF swimwear for your little one this summer!

It’s imperative to keep your baby safe from the sun. Worry less by checking out our newest UPF swimwear for baby today.