Our Mission

After I lost my 32-year old husband to skin cancer, just three days after the tragic 9-11 occurrence of 2001, I decided my life’s mission would be to raise awareness about the disease anyway I could. Getting kids covered all over the world is an impactful way to make a difference and thus, UV Skinz was born.

UV Skinz is not an afterthought as are swimshirt lines for other national companies that carry multiple clothing lines. UV Skinz produces UPF50+ Sunwear and focuses on providing the highest quality, hippest designs so that kids and adults alike literally want to “Live in our Skinz” and not take them off. Our customer service, attention to detail, responsiveness and experience allow us to provide that extra measure of value which inspires invaluable customer loyalty. We care about our products and the ability of our clients who wear them to enjoy living under the sun.

Everyone should be free to enjoy their time in the sun and feel protected wearing UV Skinz. Join us in our mission to get families covered and provide "Peace-of-mind in the sun"!

Here’s to sun-safe days …

Rhonda Sparks
CEO/Founder, UV Skinz

What Makes UV Skinz so special?

We are often asked how our UV Skinz are different and what makes them so special. There are a variety of skin protection choices out there. Every day, we do our best to help take the guesswork out of ensuring that you make the best investment in the highest protection rated, most comfortable, fun and fashionable outdoor and swimwear products that will maximize your fun in the sun. Building a family of loyal lifelong customers and partners governs every move we make. If this isn't enough to convince you, well, the proof is in the product!

What Drives Us?

We treasure our family and friends and, quite simply, that's how we came to be.
Please read on for the reasons why we come to this place every day
and the philosophy that governs us—

  • Above all else, our passion is that kids live Sun Safe.
  • We DO Live in Our Skinz!
  • We know that one less sunburn makes a difference.
  • Lemonade stands breed genius.
  • We believe it takes just as long to do it wrong as it takes to get it right.
  • There is no excuse for ignorance.
  • Do what you love and the money will follow.
  • Barefoot is best.
  • Attention to detail sets us apart.
  • We think, therefore we are.
  • We have all been touched by cancer.
  • Our door is always open.
  • Some rules ARE meant to be broken.
  • Margaritaville is a real place.
  • Our conscience guides us.
  • Chocolate and peanut butter rules!
  • Our grassroots create our path.
  • Laughter heals!
  • We celebrate out of the ordinary.
  • If you do not try, you have already failed.
  • We love our work and we work for love.
  • We believe pizza brings people together.
  • Respect is earned but compassion is free-of-charge.
  • We want you to be a part of our family.
  • We will make a difference. (This is for you, Darren. We miss you!)