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Women's Sun Leggingzr
UV Skinz UPF50 Dresses for Women
UV Skinz Sun & Swim Shirts for Girls
UV Skinz Resort Wear for Men

Sizes 2T-6 feature a stylish bottom ruffle detail

UV Skinz Swim & Sun Shirts, UV Swimwear & Other Sun Protection Clothing

UV Skinz sun protective clothes are stylish and carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun?s harmful rays, protecting delicate skin from damaging sunburns. Sunscreen isn?t always enough and is often not used correctly. Some folks have skin allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that sunscreens can contain. UV Skinz are sun shirts that are not made with any chemicals or lotions. The UV protection is in the tight weave of the fabric. Wearing UV protective clothing, such as our fun, cool UV Skinz sun protective swim shirts, is an important step in preventing sunburns, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Browse our selection of sun shirts, uv swimwear, sun hats & more. Get free shipping for all orders over $50.