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Cute Floppy Sun Hat with 6.5" Brim for Ladies - SPF/UPF 50+ Fashionable Floppy Summer Tan Beach Hat for Women Stylish 3.5" Brim Floppy Sun Hat for Ladies - SPF/UPF 50+
Versatile, functional 5" brim. Playful and fun with ample shade!
Stylish Floppy Sun Protective Cream Colored Hat for Ladies - SPF/UPF 50+ Stylish Sunny Summer Swim Hat for Ladies - Chlorine Resistant SPF/UPF 50+ - Adjustable Women's Beach Sun Hat
Sunny Swim Hat for Women
Price: $26.95

Crisp and elegant 5" brim hat for ample shade!
Fashionable Summer Beach Hats for Ladies - Chlorine Resistant Summer Sun Hats Swim Clothing for Women - SPF/UPF 50+ Cute Adjustable Beach Hat with UV Protection for Ladies
SPF/UPF 50+ - Super Cute Rolled Brim Summer Sun Hat for Ladies SPF/UPF 50+ - Stylish Rolled Brim Beach Hat for Ladies Super Cute Womens Rolled Brim Summer Hat
Rolled Brim Hat for Women
Price: $24.95

Huggable, squeezable, crushable, foldable!
Fashionable Summer Beach Hat for Women - SPF/UPF 50+ SPF/UPF 50+ - Stylish Rolled Brim Summer Hat for Ladies Comfortable Kids Sun Hat Head Protection
Wide Brim Field Hat
Price: $39.95
SPF/UPF 50+ - Swim Sun Visor Beach Gear for Ladies Fashionable Beach Swim Visor Sun Hat for Ladies - UPF 50+ Stylish Summer Beach Visor Head Gear for Women
Swim Visor for Women
Price: $22.95

Won't sink during water play!
UV Protective Sun Visor Beachwear for Ladies - SPF/UPF 50+ Cute Visor Sun Hat for Ladies - SPF/UPF 50+ SPF/UPF 50+ - Sunday Afternoons Childrens Sun Safety Hat
Play Hat for Kids
Price: $25.00

Sun protection starts at the top!
Sun protection starts at the top! Sun protection starts at the top! Sun protection starts at the top!

UV Sun Hats & Beach Hats

Whether you're swimming, riding a bike, playing sports, or just going for a quiet walk on the beach, being outside is not only fun, it's also good for you. Being out in the sunlight helps to provide the Vitamin D that your body needs to keep functioning, and for many people, being out in the sun helps to improve their mood overall. However, being out in the sun for extended periods of time without adequate protection for your skin can actually be harmful to you. Prolonged exposure to UV rays over an extended period can lead to skin-damaging sunburns, advanced aging, and even skin cancer.

One of the easiest ways to protect your face from the damaging sun rays is by wearing a UV protective sun hat to shield your face from the sun's harmful rays. There's no bottle to keep track of, no white goop across the bridge of your nose, and, even better, nothing to wash off at the end of the day.

UVSkinz has a huge selection of comfy, stylish and protective UV beach hats for the entire family including glamorous UV hats for women, daring explorer hats for the guys, and bucket hats and bonnets for the kids.