7 Sun Safe Items

Kid's Adjustable Flap Hat

3 reviews

Girl's Swim Hat

12 reviews

Kid's Active Fleece Hat

1 review

Girl's Adjustable Bucket Hat

24 reviews

Kids Play Sun Hat

84 reviews

Fun Bucket Hat

18 reviews

Girl's Sun Hats

Get a girl's sun hat to help give your daughter's delicate face and ears the protection it deserves to prevent sunburns. Overexposure to the sun can lead to an increased risk of skin damage, skin cancer, and premature aging. At UV Skinz®, we design sun and swim clothes and accessories with powerful protection from harmful UV rays, and our girls UV sun hat is no exception. Our large selection of girls summer hats are not only cute but they are made from our rigorously tested fabric, which is certified UPF 50+ and blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

Choose Your Favorite Girls UV Hat

All UV Skinz® girls summer hats are a great choice because they are all made with built-in sun protection. With eight styles to choose from, your daughter can find her favorite girls sun hat for the beach, pool, and any outdoor activity. Whether you’re looking for a little girl sun hat for your toddler or a stylish girls beach hat for your tween, we have options for you!

Bucket Hat Style Girls Swim Hats

Bucket hats offer 360-degree sun protection on your kid’s face, ears, and neck, and we have three bucket hat styles to choose from. First, our Girl’s Adjustable Bucket Hat comes in four colors and is adjustable to fit various sizes. Next, our Fun Bucket Hat is a go-to girls UV hat because it offers an adjustable chin strap, sloping brim, and ventilation so your kid doesn’t get too hot.

Girls Sun Hats with Ribbon

If you’re looking for a girls sun hat with sun protection and a little extra flair, our Girl’s Ribbon Hat and Girl’s Rainbow Ribbon Hat are the perfect combinations of cute and comfortable with optimal coverage. They both feature decorative ruffles and come in a variety of colors. It’s the picture-perfect little girl sun hat for your daughter.

Girls Summer Hats for All Day Play

The Kids Play Sun Hat is a simple yet functional sunwear hat perfect for any outdoor activity. It comes in small, medium, and large for kids six months old to 12 years old to enjoy. Not only is this girls UV hat sun protective, but it’s also water repellent and stain-resistant. Our Girl’s Sun Bandana is also a must-have for summer fun because it is easy to put on, keeps your daughter’s hair out of her face, and protects her scalp from the sun at the same time.

Girls Swim Hat

For water fun of all kinds, our Girl’s Swim Hat is perfect. This girls UV sun hat is designed to be unsinkable, adjustable, and protective. Plus, it is a great accessory to pair with our girls swimwear, including girls swim bottoms, girls swim tops, and girls rash guards.

Girls Summer Hats for Every Sun and Swim Activity

Have your daughter wear her girls UV sun hat during any outdoor activity. Because each girls sun hat is designed with sun-protective, chemical-free fabric, they are perfect for trips to the beach, pool parties, backyard play, summer camp, and much more. With a lightweight and quick-drying material, your daughter doesn’t have to take her girls beach hat off when finished in the water and ready for a snack. Instead, it provides all-day protection. Find the perfect little girl sun hat for your daughter by shopping our wide variety of styles and sizes today.