7 Must-Haves For Your Spring Break Beach Packing List

Headed to the beach for spring break? There are several items that can help you stay safe in the sun and having fun the whole trip.

To help you pack with confidence, we’ve compiled a spring break packing list beachgoers can reference as they prepare for their sunny retreat. Read on to find out what they are, and add them to your own spring break packing list!

Spring Break Packing Tips: 7 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be the first item on any beach-bound spring break packing list. After all, the last thing you want is to end up burned to a crisp or battling a severe case of sun poisoning and potentially ruining the rest of your trip.

Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen that can keep up with any activities you have planned, like sport sunscreen, facial sunscreen, and sunburn relief products. You know–just in case.

2. UPF 50+ Clothing

If the thought of applying sunscreen throughout your trip sounds daunting or unmanageable, so we strongly encourage you to add UPF 50+ clothing to your spring break beach packing list.

UPF 50+ clothing is proven to block 98% of UVA and UVB rays from ever reaching your skin. UV Skinz® UPF 50+ men’s swimwear and women’s swimwear collections have you covered with long sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, board shorts, rash guards, travel clothing, and more. These incredible sun-blocking articles will allow you to effectively cut down your need to reapply sunscreen to major areas of your body so you can get back to having a blast.

3. A Few Good Hats

Feeling the sunshine on your face is certainly therapeutic, but too much sun exposure can result in sunburns on the face, ears, and scalp. While sunburns may not always seem serious, over time, they contribute to things like premature aging and skin cancer.

In fact, having just five sunburns doubles your risk of developing melanoma later in life. Bringing along a few good sun hats will help shield your face, scalp, and ears from the sun’s harsh rays and even take some strain off of your eyes when you’re not wearing your sunglasses.

4. A Beach Cover-Up

Just like a sun hat can help protect your scalp, face, ears, and eyes from sun damage, beach cover-ups can help shield your skin from sun overexposure while also doubling as a store or restaurant-appropriate layer to throw over your bathing suit when you want to hit the boardwalk.

Add beach cover-ups to your spring break beach packing list to ensure you have a beach-approved protective layer if and when your skin is begging for a break from the sun.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Chances are you will be doing a lot of standing and walking during your trip, which makes comfortable shoes a critical item for any spring break packing list. We recommend a supportive pair of sneakers or walking shoes and an extra pair of sandals.

6. A Waterproof Phone Case

These days, phones are much more than talking devices. They are our trusted source for directions, restaurant recommendations, booking hotels, requesting an Uber, ordering takeout, calling for help, finding events, and staying connected to the world. If something were to happen to your phone on spring break, what would you do? With all of the sun, sand, sunscreen, and potential accidents waiting to make contact with your smartphone, protecting it with a waterproof phone case is a must. Put it on your spring break packing list now before you forget!

7. Noise Canceling Headphones or Earbuds

Every March, an estimated 1.5 to 2 million U.S. students go on spring break and account for nearly 82% of March’s hotel bookings. If your spring break plans point to a popular spring break destination, we highly recommend taking some noise-canceling headphones or earbuds with you. This way, you can get some needed shut-eye, even if your hotel neighbors or beach community continues to party until the early morning hours.

Relax in Sun-Safe Confidence with UV Skinz® UPF 50+ Apparel

No matter what sunny beachside retreat you travel to this spring break, go in comfort, style, and sun protection with UV Skinz® sun-safe clothing. Visit the UV Skinz® blog today to discover more ways to stay safe in the sun or to find even more helpful spring break packing tips and items to add to your list, like the Five Most Important Things to Bring to the Beach.