8 Sun Safe Items

Men's Short Sleeve Crew Sun & Swim Shirt

25 reviews
$54.95 - $62.95

Men's Long Sleeve Crew Sun & Swim Shirt

26 reviews
$64.95 - $72.95

Men's Long Sleeve Active Sun & Swim Shirt

180 reviews
$64.95 - $72.95

Men's Long Sleeve Full Zip Active Fleece

1 review
$76.95 - $84.95

Men's Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

177 reviews
$52.95 - $59.95

Men's Short Sleeve Active Sun & Swim Shirt

59 reviews
$54.95 - $62.95

Men's Long Sleeve Active Sun & Swim Shirt

179 reviews
$64.95 - $72.95

Men's Long Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

229 reviews
$62.95 - $69.95

Rash Guards for Men

Rash Guards for Men

When you consider the fact that men aged 49 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer, it becomes alarmingly clear that UPF swimwear, like rash guards for men, should definitely be worn to protect your skin.

To help protect men from cancer, UV Skinz has made it our mission to keep you sun safe with a collection of UPF 50+ rash guards for men.

What Is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is an athletic shirt designed originally to keep surfers safe from the sun, the elements, and board chafing from their surfboards. Today, rash guards are worn by many beachgoers and water enthusiasts as these swim shirts provide sun protection.

Mens Short-Sleeve Rash Guards

Created to be one of the most comfortable and functional men’s rash guards you will ever own, our men’s short-sleeve active sun and swim shirt is a UV Skinz®’s favorite. This men’s rash guard provides best-in-class sun protection while keeping you cool and comfortable through all your favorite water activities.

Lightweight, quick-drying, and designed to deliver the utmost mobility, the men’s short- sleeve sun and swim shirt is great for men who love to do outdoor activities.

Mens Long-Sleeve Rash Guards

For the best sun protection you can get, look no further than UV Skinz® men’s long-sleeve rash guards. Made with a paneled design that won’t limit your movement, our UPF 50+ men’s long sleeve rash guards come in various styles to best fit your needs.

Our men’s long-sleeve active sun and swim shirt, features a relaxed fit, raglan cut sleeves, and flatlock seams for all-around comfort whether you’re surfing, swimming, or snorkeling with your family.

Shop UV Skinz® today for the best men’s rash guard you’ll love to wear in and out of the water!

FAQs About Men’s Rash Guards

1. What’s the Difference Between a Rash Guard and a Swim Shirt?

Rash guards and swim shirts are often used interchangeably. The main difference between a rash guard and a swim shirt is that a rash guard has a more tight fit to protect against abrasions from board sports like surfing.

2. What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Men’s Rash Guard?

We recommend looking out for a high UPF rating, the best would be a UPF rating of 50+. Also, look for the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.