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Boy's Swimsuits & Swim Sets

Little boys love adventure, but you want them to be safe while enjoying a beach day or attending a friend’s pool party in the summer. That’s why UV Skinz® offers boy’s bathing suits in sets with matching boy’s swim shirts and boy’s sun hats. Keep your little one protected from the negative effects of the sun in swim outfits that are still comfortable for play and wear.

Kids Swimsuits for Boys with UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Proper sun protection is more than just slathering your little one with sunblock before a summer outdoor playdate. As soon as he jumps in the pool or runs through a sprinkler, he becomes more vulnerable to the negative effects of the sun. With the proper boy’s swimsuits, swim shirts, and hats, you don’t have to worry about his skin being exposed to the sun’s harsh and harmful rays.

Our boy’s swim suits come in a set that includes three outfit pieces, each designed with Certified UPF 50+ material that is quick-drying and flexible. Why UPF 50+? Because it is the absolute best sun protection you can get, protecting his skin from 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

Boy’s Short Sleeve Swim Shirt

You may think you should take your little one’s shirt off once he is ready to jump in the pool, but with the rash guard included in the boy’s swimsuit set, you don’t have to. This sun and swim shirt is lightweight and quick-drying so your son can wear it while playing in the pool straight to wearing it on the playground, all with the unwavering protection he needs to avoid sunburn.

Boy’s Board Shorts

The most popular kid’s swimsuits for boys include board shorts that are cute, comfortable, and easy to run around in. The boy’s board shorts in our three-piece set are all of these things and more. Designed with UPF 50+ protection, these swim shorts offer an easy pull-on-and-off waistband, a mesh liner, and stretchy fabric for ease of play.

Boy’s Reversible Sun Hat

If your little one isn’t ready to go underwater yet, he can wear the protective sun hat while floating with you in the pool. For those who are learning how to swim, the sun hat is the perfect accessory for a pool-side snack or walking to and from the beach. It not only keeps the sun out of your child’s face and eyes, but it’s made with the same protective material as the boy’s bathing suits.

Boy’s Swimsuits for Any Outdoor Activity

While the boy’s swim suits are designed for water play, they are also great for any outdoor activities. Your child can wear the three-piece set together or simply throw on the hat for a trip to the zoo or the shorts for running errands with mom or dad.

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