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32 Sun Safe Items

Baby Boy's Reversible Sun Hat

101 reviews

Baby Girl's Reversible Sun Hat

129 reviews

Women's Ruched Sun Cap

60 reviews

Girl's Adjustable Bucket Hat

24 reviews

Boys Adjustable Bucket Hat

35 reviews

Women's Swim Visor

177 reviews

Men's Bucket Hat

156 reviews

Kids Play Sun Hat

77 reviews

Girl's Swim Hat

5 reviews

Women's Rolled Brim Hat

83 reviews

Women's Sunny Swim Hat

122 reviews

Kids Sunny Flap Bucket Hat

24 reviews

Men's Wide Brim Field Hat

26 reviews

Victoria Two Toned Hat

27 reviews

Girl's Ribbon Hat

2 reviews

Sun Hats

UPF 50+ Sun-Blocking Hats for the Family

When it comes to protecting your family from harmful UVA/UVB rays, UV Skinz® has made it our mission to deliver the high-quality sun-blocking hats and sun-safe apparel you need for safe fun in the sun.

To help ensure that you get the best possible shield against the harmful effects of the sun, we've created a selection of sun-blocking hats for men, UPF sun hats for women, sunproof hats for girls, and sunproof hats for boys!

Here, you’ll also find adorable UV protection hats for baby girls and UV protection hats for baby boys, making it easy to get sun protection for the whole family in one place.

Why UPF 50+ Matters

You already know that it's vital to wear sunscreen and sun-protective clothing to keep your body out of the sun's harmful rays, but did you know that it's equally important to safeguard the face and eyes from the sun?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates the level of UV radiation a UPF sun hat allows to reach your skin. In order to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, a sunproof hat only needs to have a UPF 30 rating.

What’s more, the Skincare Foundation even says wide-brimmed sun hats can help shade certain parts of the face and scalp that are difficult to reach with sunscreen, offering an extra layer of protection to those easy-to-miss areas! Not to mention, sunproof hats also double up on the sun-blocking power for particularly vulnerable areas, including the face and eyes.

What Makes Our Sun Hats Different?

We’ve gone beyond the minimum requirements to give our customers UPF 50+ rated sun-blocking hats, the highest and most excellent sun protection fabric available. In fact, many of our UV protection hats are made from a saltwater and chlorine-resistant fabric that won’t suffer the consequences of natural elements. What’s more, all of our sunproof hats are lightweight, quick-drying, and easy to care for, requiring nothing more than spot cleaning as needed.

Our sun hats are as high-quality and high-performance as they are good-looking. Not to mention, each of our sun-blocking hats is made with certified UPF 50+ material for next-level sun safety and comes in classic and stylish silhouettes to suit both your needs and style preferences!

Smart and Stylish Sun Hats the Whole Family Will Love!

Who said sun protection had to be boring? Our women’s UPF “sunscreen” hats are here to show you how fabulous sun protection can be, and men will love how comfortable their UV protection hats are for activities like fishing, hiking, golfing, and more! Meanwhile, kids will love the fun designs of their new sunproof hats and want to show them off everywhere they go!

Whether he needs a sun-blocking hat for golfing, she wants a floppy hat with UV protection, a baseball cap sun protection hat, or a wide-brimmed gardening hat with UV protection, you’ll find your favorite “sunscreen” hat styles right here at UV Skinz®, and all with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee! Shop today to discover the UPF sun hats your family needs for safety in the sun!