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Bamboo Sun Sleeves

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Protexgloves Grip Gloves

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Sun Protection Sleeve and Gloves

Whether you have a skin condition that requires your arms and hands to be covered from the sun while outside, or you’re looking to add even more sun protection to your sun shirt, UV Skinz®’s sun protection sleeves and gloves are the solution you’re looking for.

Just like our UV Neck Shields, Sun Wraps, and Sun Protective Accessories, our UV sun protection sleeves and sun protection gloves are made with a UPF 50+ sun protective fabric designed to block 98% of UV rays.

Our sun accessories are made with lightweight, breathable fabric, so you will stay cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. Whether you’re out gardening, on the green, or driving, our sun sleeves and gloves are a great way to stay protected out in the sun.

Arm Sun Protectors and Gloves for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and need arm sun protectors and gloves, UV Skinz® 's UPF sleeves and gloves are the perfect choice to protect your arms and hands. All of our UPF 50+ men’s and women’s sun sleeves and sun protection glove fabrics are lightweight, quick-drying, chemical-free, and resistant to salt water and chlorine. As our fabric is free of chemicals, even those with sensitive skin can find comfort and protection from the sun.

Unisex UPF 50+ Sleeves and Gloves

Our UV arm sleeves and sun protection gloves are unisex so you can share them with your partner. You’ll love how our Bamboo Sun Sleeves protect your forearms from the sun without covering your hands. These UV protection sleeves feature thumbholes that keep them snugly in place on your arm and upper hand and are available in four neutral colors. Enjoy these sun protection sleeves in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL/3XL.

The Protexgloves Elle Grip Long Gloves are an elbow-length sun protection glove designed to deliver the utmost comfort, protection, and versatility. These sun gloves feature silicone grip ovals on the palm and fingertips for non-slip holding power ideal for those with compromised hand strength, benefiting those suffering from things like arthritis and Scleroderma.

Similarly, the Protexgloves Grip Gloves offer the same non-slip features and hand protection you want without the extended protection provided by the long gloves. These sun protection gloves are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Wear these sun-blocking accessories during a trip to the beach, at the pool, while hiking or biking, or during any other activity where prolonged sun exposure is expected; you’ll be glad you did!

While shopping for your new UV protection sun sleeves, be sure to check out our large selection of other sun protective clothing and apparel for the entire family!

Sun Protection Sleeves & Gloves FAQ

1. What are sun gloves for?

Sun gloves are special, lightweight sleeve accessories designed with a UPF 50+ fabric to block out 98% of the sun’s rays. Men and women’s sun protection sleeves and UV hand sleeves are ideal for individuals with skin sensitivities or conditions or anyone who wants to protect their skin from unnecessary sun exposure while driving or spending time outdoors.

2. Should you wear sun gloves?

If you are prone to sunburn or have sensitive skin, it may be a good idea to wear sun sleeves and sun protection gloves outdoors.

3. How can I protect my hands from sunburn?

You can protect your hands from sunburn by wearing full coverage men’s and women’s sun sleeves or gloves like the Prototex SPF Grip Gloves, or the Prototex Elle Grip Long Gloves with built-in UV arm covers.

4. Do sun protection gloves work?

Yes! Sun protection gloves made with UPF 50+ fabric effectively block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Both sun protection gloves and UV protection sleeves are recommended by dermatologists and worn by adventurers in various settings, from hiking and trekking to beachgoers and gardeners.

5. Do arm sleeves protect from sun?

Yes. Arm sleeves made with UPF 50+ fabric like those sold at UV Skinz® protect skin from 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

6. What are the best arm sleeves?

The best arm sleeves are those made with UPF 50+ fabric that is breathable and comfortable. For instance, UV Skinz® bamboo arm sun protectors are super thin sun sleeves that are both extremely comfortable and effective at blocking out the sun.

7. What are sun sleeves?

Sun sleeves are long, thin pieces of fabric designed to cover the forearm and top of hand for extra sun protection support.

8. What is the point of arm sleeves?

Like sun protection gloves, UV sun protection arm sleeves are designed to stop the sun from ever reaching the skin on the forearms and top of hands. UV sleeves are great for everyone, but those with sensitive skin, skin conditions, or who spend a lot of time in the sun benefit the most.