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Sun Sleeves & Gloves

Add even more sun protection to your short-sleeved sun shirt by wearing it with a pair of sun protection sleeves or UV gloves from UV Skinz. These UV sleeves and gloves are designed to block damaging UV rays from hitting your hands and arms while you're enjoying a day in the sun. Each pair is UPF 50+-certified, which means that you'll be protected from 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Our sun protective gloves and sleeves are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. Wear these sun-blocking accessories during a trip to the beach, at the pool, while hiking or during any other activity with prolonged sun exposure.


These UV protection gloves and sun sleeves are also great for anyone with a skin condition that they need to cover during time spent outdoors. The chemical-free fabric will also ensure that our accessories won't worsen the condition. The sun fabric used to craft these arm protectors is resistant to salt water and chlorine to increase their durability. It's also quick-drying, soft and lightweight for added comfort. Our UV protection sleeves feature thumb holes that keep them snugly in place on your arm and upper hand. They're available in sever different solid colors, including bright and neutral options. The sun protection gloves are available in two different lengths, depending on how much of your arm you'd like to cover. These come in solid neutral colors.