6 Sun Safe Items

Baby Girl's UV Sunzie

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Baby Girl's Hooded Sunzie

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Baby Girl's Sun & Swim Suit

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Baby Girl's One-Piece Swimsuits

Baby Girl Rash Guard Swimsuits

Keeping your little one safe and comfortable in the sun has never been easier than with UV Skinz® baby girl swimsuits and baby girl sun-protective clothing! These cute baby girl swimsuits are made from our quick-drying, lightweight, and breathable pique fabric designed to transition from swim to everyday wear for seamless sun protection all day long. Not to mention, they match perfectly with our adorable baby girl sun hats, baby girl cover ups, and baby girl accessories! You’ll love how easy they are to wash, too! Simply machine wash and line dry for easy care sun protection you can count on for your baby’s delicate skin.

The Sun & Your Baby’s Skin

As we learn more and more about the damage the sun’s harmful rays can do to our skin, it becomes even alarmingly clear how important it is to protect our youth from overexposure to the sun. In the case of infants, research shows that some babies are being exposed to damaging UV rays within the first six months of life, with strong evidence that sunburns and overexposure during childhood can multiply their risk of developing skin cancers like melanoma in the future. In fact, cases of melanoma in children and teens younger than 20 are already beginning to rise.

How to Best Protect Your Baby’s Delicate Skin

Since infant skin is so sensitive, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends shielding them from the sun instead of using sunscreen (up to six months old), doing your best to avoid direct sun exposure, and seeking shade whenever possible during peak sunlight hours, typically between 10 AM and 4 PM. Dressing your baby in brimmed sun hats, UV sunglasses, and lightweight clothing that fully covers their arms and legs is also recommended.

We all know how tricky toddlers can be. Oftentimes, they are having too much fun to hold still so you can apply sunscreen! For this reason, we can’t recommend our baby girl swimsuits enough.

How UV Skinz® Makes Sun Protection Easy

Our baby girl long sleeve swimsuits are available in sizes 3/6m to 2T/3T, making it easy to keep infant and toddler arms and upper body completely protected from the sun without having to worry about reapplying sunscreen every 30 to 60 minutes. For extra leg protection, you can feel good about, our baby girl rash guard swimsuit offers total coverage and comfort in the cute baby girl swimsuit designs she’ll look adorable in. Just as with babies, toddlers should be dressed in sun protective hats, sunglasses, and clothing whenever possible for the absolute best sun protection they can get.

All UV Skinz® baby girl long sleeve swimsuits are made with chlorine and salt water-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about colors fading or fabric getting ruined in different bodies of water. What’s more, our baby girl long sleeve swimsuits are UPF 50+ certified to block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays, and all of our sun protection apparel has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. It’s just another way UV Skinz® works to give you the sun protection apparel you can trust to keep your family safe.

Shop UV Skinz® baby girl swimsuits and accessories today for the best sun protection your little girl deserves.