13 Sun Safe Items

Women's Long Sleeve Crew Sun & Swim Shirt

10 reviews
$49.95 - $57.95

Women's Racerback Swim Tank

14 reviews
$48.95 - $56.95

Women's Short Sleeve Crew Sun & Swim Shirt

8 reviews
$46.95 - $54.95

Women's Long Sleeve Full Zip Rashguard

9 reviews
$58.95 - $66.95

Women's V-Neck Sun & Swim Shirt

339 reviews
$46.95 - $54.95

Women's Quarter Zip Crew Sun & Swim Shirt

25 reviews
$46.95 - $52.95

Women's Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Sun & Swim Shirt

125 reviews
$54.95 - $62.95

Women's Convertible Swim Shirtdress

12 reviews
$74.95 - $82.95

Women's Aloha Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

167 reviews
$44.95 - $52.95

Women's Long Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

154 reviews
$49.95 - $57.95

Women's Aloha Long Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

207 reviews
$49.95 - $57.95

Women's Long Sleeve Half Zip Ruched Sun Shirt

188 reviews
$58.95 - $66.95

Women's Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

20 reviews
$44.95 - $52.95

Women's Sun & Swim Shirts

As we learn more about the dangers of overexposure to the sun, an ever-growing amount of medical professionals and dermatologists recommend protective clothing as an effective line of defense against sun damage and ultimately, skin cancer. To this end, UV Skinz® has made it our mission to create a line of UPF 50+ swim and sun shirts for women to successfully block 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays from reaching your skin to prevent the unnecessary risk of sunburn, premature aging, and skin disease.

Shop confidently knowing our entire collection of quick-drying swim tops, from swim bras to cover-ups and swim shrugs are chemical-free so even those with the most sensitive skin can wear the best sun protection on any adventure. To top it off, all of our women’s sun protection shirts are chlorine and saltwater resistant so you never have to worry about damage to your new ensemble during your day at the beach or your afternoon by the pool.

Plus Size Women’s Sun Protection Swim Shirts

Sometimes, finding comfortable and stylish sun protection in the sizes and coverage you like is difficult, but not at UV Skinz®. Here, you’ll find the plus size women’s SPF swim shirts and tops in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL women of all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable in.

Short Sleeve UPF Women’s Shirts

When working or playing in the hot sun you need all the help you can get to protect your delicate skin from short and long-term sun damage. That’s where our short sleeve women’s sun protection shirts come in! Our selection of quick-drying, UPF swim shirts for women come in several styles, like the conservative Women’s Quarter-Zip Crew Sun & Swim Shirt, a perfect addition to your work or golf ensemble, or the sporty Women’s Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt, ideal for that early morning bike ride, dog walk, or afternoon by the pool.

Long Sleeve UPF Women’s Shirts

Get the protection you need in the styles and designs you love with a UV Skinz® long sleeve UPF shirt. Women’s sun protection should be anything but boring, and the Women’s Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Sun & Swim Shirt is here to prove that. The best part? Our selection of women’s SPF swim shirts are available in a wide array of colors so you have plenty of options to choose from!

Want more? You got it! Our quick-drying Women’s Convertible Swim Shirtdress will take you from land to sea with ease. Simply cinch up the sides to transform this shirtdress into the perfect water wading wardrobe, or uncinch the sides for the perfect boardwalk outfit knowing the entire time you’re getting the best sun protection for your arms, back and chest. From the classic long sleeve design of the Women’s Long Sleeve Full Zip Rash Guard to the total neck and arm protection offered by the Women’s Aloha Long Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt, there’s something for every woman at UV Skinz®.

Whether you need men’s sun protection, UPF 50+ sun and swim clothing for boys or trendy UPF 50+ sun clothing for girls, UV Skinz® is your one-stop-shop for the best sun protection apparel the whole family will love.