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Bamboo UV Neck & Face Covering

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UV Face Shields & Neck Gaiters

UV Neck gaiters and face shields are multifunctional accessories designed to protect your face from exposure to the sun and cold. Often referred to as UV face shields, neck shields, face gaiters, gaiter masks, and face gaiters, these simple yet effective face and neck shields also serve as a physical barrier to prevent over-touching your face or as a face mask during physical activity, and can be worn in a variety of different ways.

UV Skinz® men and women’s neck gaiters offer UPF 50+ neck sun protection in lightweight, comfortable and quick-drying bamboo or Milk Silk fabrics ideal for adventures on land or at sea. Pair your neck gaiter with sun hats, gloves, and plenty of sunscreen for full UV coverage you can count on anytime, anyplace.

UV Face Shield & UV Neck Gaiters Aren’t Just for Hot, Sunny Days

Contrary to popular belief, you can still fall victim to sun overexposure during the winter. In fact, sand, water, and snow can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays back towards your skin, meaning your summer neck gaiter is also a great addition to your winter apparel. Aside from just protecting your skin from the sun, summer neck gaiters will also protect your neck and face from cold winds and the elements, making them an excellent choice for UV neck and face protection any time of year.

Bamboo UV Face Shields & UV Neck Gaiters

Bamboo is known for its cooling, wicking, breathability, and antimicrobial properties, making it a great material choice for face and neck sun protection in the hot summer months or while exercising outdoors. Our men’s and women’s neck gaiters are perfect for anyone looking for a grab-and-go covering they can take anywhere and use anytime. You’ll love the large selection of fun and classic colors and the many ways you can style your bamboo UV neck gaiter or UV neck shield on your face, around your neck, or in your hair.

Classic UV Face Shields & Neck Gaiters

Made from a multi-way stretch, ultra-soft Milk Silk fabric, UV Skinz® classic UV neck shields and gaiter masks are the wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying face and neck sun protection solution that's perfect for sunny day and blustery winds alike'. You’ll love how breathable and swim-friendly these masks are, as well as the fun color and pattern options available.

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Neck Gaiter FAQ

1. What is the best neck gaiter?

The best neck gaiter (also known as a neck shield) is one that is made from breathable, soft, comfortable UPF 50+ fabric. UV Skinz® men’s neck gaiters and women’s neck gaiters check all these boxes, and come in two versions: the Bamboo UV Neck & Face Covering, and the Classic UV Neck & Face Covering.

2. How do I keep my neck gaiter up?

To use your neck gaiter as a face gaiter mask, pull the gaiter up right below your eyes and rest on your nose. If loose, secure to the back of your head with hair pins or readjust it at an angle with less fabric on the back of your neck. For total face and neck coverage, wear a hat to hold your neck gaiter in place.

3. How can I cover my neck from the sun?

A UV neck gaiter is wide enough to effectively protect your neck from 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. The UV Skinz® bamboo neck gaiter is an excellent summer neck gaiter for all of your sunny day adventures.

4. Are neck gaiters washable?

Yes. Neck gaiters can be machine washed or hand washed. UV Skinz® Bamboo UV Face Shield and neck gaiter should be machine or hand washed, but laid out flat to dry.