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Baby Boy's Sun & Swim Suit

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Baby Boy's UV Sunzie

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Baby Boy Swimsuit

As baby boys can’t wear sunscreen when they’re under 6 months old, a baby boy swimsuit with UPF 50+ protection is the best way to keep them safe from the sun. A baby's skin is also more sensitive, which means preparing your little one for his/her first beach day by finding the best UPF baby clothing is an absolute must.

Baby Boy One-Piece Swimsuit

Whether you need a baby boy one-piece swimsuit or a baby legless hoodie sunzie for your little tike, UV Skinz® is the best place to find the UPF 50+ baby boy one-piece swimsuits he’ll be fuss-free in all summer long.

Our baby boy one-piece swimsuits are made with quick-drying, water-resistant, four-way stretch fabric, providing ultimate comfort. Chlorine and seawater-resistant this baby swimsuit is durable, versatile, and able to withstand those long days at the beach or in the pool.

Baby Boy Swimsuit with a Hoodie

Are you looking for a baby boy swimsuit with a hood to keep your little one’s head safe from the sun? Our baby boy’s hooded sunzie features a hoodie with snaps to make on-the-go diaper changes a breeze. You’ll love how ultra-soft the bamboo fabric feels on his skin and that it’s both antifungal and antibacterial!

When it comes to creating cute, functional, and sun protective baby boy swimsuits your infants and/or toddler can wear, trust UV Skinz®.

Shop today to discover boys swimsuits your little one will love that will help keep your son safe from the sun for years to come.

FAQs About Baby Boy Swimsuits

1. How Should You Dress a Baby for a Beach Day?

A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, so you should dress a baby in layers whenever you take him outside. We highly recommend putting your little one in UPF 50+ baby clothing, such as a UPF 50+ baby swim suit along with a UPF 50+ baby sun hat. Aim to cover your baby boy’s head, face, shoulders, arms, and chest, and as much of his legs as possible. You may also consider dressing your baby in our UPF 50+ baby sun legz

2. What Should a Baby Boy Wear When Swimming?

We recommend putting your baby boy in a UPF 50+ baby boy one-piece swimsuit to keep him covered from the sun. We also recommend putting a UPF 50+ sun hat on him as well. This will protect him from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and keep him cool and comfortable.