Creative Reminders to Reapply Sunscreen

A lack of UV protection can leave your skin vulnerable to sunburn, premature aging, dark spots, and skin cancer. Learn all about creative sunscreen reminders today on our blog.
Man reapplying sunscreen on his arm at the beach

You know sunscreen is essential to your daily skincare routine, but do you reapply it frequently enough? A lack of UV protection can leave your skin vulnerable to sunburn, premature aging, dark spots, and skin cancer. So, yes, reapplying sunscreen is a must! Continue reading to learn some creative reminders to reapply sunscreen, and if you just can't remember to do it, feel free to browse our UPF 50+ rated swimwear and clothing instead!

Why Do You Need to Reapply Sunscreen?

Applying sunscreen in the morning won’t protect you all day, no matter the SPF or how much you use, so you need to reapply it to protect your skin from the sun.

How Often Do You Need to Reapply Sunscreen?

You generally need to reapply every two hours – and more frequently if you are getting in the water or sweating.

And don’t fall for the common misconception that brief unprotected time in the sun won’t matter. In fact, these brief exposures can accumulate over time into significant skin damage.

But no worries! It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin, and a little reminder is all you need. Continue reading to learn some simple hacks to help you reapply sunscreen.

Sunscreen Hacks: How to Remember to Reapply Sunscreen

Non-Technology Sunscreen Reminders

  • Pair reapplication with another routine: Frequent habits like using the bathroom or grabbing a snack are great times to also reapply sunscreen.
  • Chill it with water in a cooler: Store sunscreen in the cooler at the beach, lake, or pool and reapply it when you reach for a cold drink.
  • Apply before standing: Use more sun protection before leaving your beach blanket or beach chair.
  • Use the buddy system: When you and friends or family are in the sun for hours, be sure to remind each other to reapply sunscreen and take shade breaks when possible.
  • Place sunscreen by doors: This keeps sunscreen in a visible location as you run in and out throughout the day.
  • Carry sunscreen front and center: Keep a travel-sized sunscreen in the most-used compartment of your purse or backpack so you see it easily.
  • Keep sunscreen near your cell phone at work: You likely won’t leave work without your phone, so parking sunscreen near your phone reminds you to reapply before going outdoors (if you wear makeup, consider a facial mist infused with SPF).

Technology Sunscreen Reminders

  • Wear UV-sensitive and waterproof wristbands or stickers: Use these items to notify you that your protection is wearing off - they will change colors to alert you it’s time to reapply sunscreen to your exposed skin, as well as the wristband or sticker.
  • Set a watch or cellphone reminder: Schedule reminders for specific times throughout the day or every two hours if you remain outdoors.
  • Download an intelligent phone app: Select and download an AI app that provides automatic prompts to reapply sunscreen, as well as provide other sun sensitivity details that you can personalize (some apps work using a sensor or patch that you wear on your skin, fingernail, or clothing).

By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you’re less likely to forget about reapplying sunscreen. It also helps to find a sunscreen you like so you won’t mind reapplying it throughout the day.

Don’t strictly depend on these reminders. Be mindful to use these hacks with common sense to keep your skin well protected. If your skin is getting pink or blotchy, get out of the sun.

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