How to Choose the Right Hat for Your Face Shape: Sun Hats Edition

If you’re wondering how to choose the right hat for your face shape, you’re in the right place. At UV Skinz, we offer a variety of sun hats for oval-shaped faces, sun hats for round faces, and more. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right hat for your face shape and find the best products to make your face shine.

How to Choose the Right Hat for Your Face Shape

Whether you're looking for a sun visor to wear on your runs or a stylish summer fedora for the beach, choosing a style that flatters your face shape is important. The wrong hat can throw off your whole look, but the right one can be the perfect finishing touch. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right hat for your face shape.

Best Sun Hats for Round Faces

The best sun hat for a round face is a hat with a high crown and a wide brim. This will help create the illusion of length and make your face appear more angular. There are a few hat styles that will look great on you if you have a round face. Try a fedora or trilby to start. Both of these hat styles offer a medium-to-long brim, which will help elongate your face. These sun hats for round faces also tend to have a bit more structure, which can help define your face. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns. A bold hat can help balance a round face. In general, avoid styles that hug the head too closely as they'll make your face look even rounder.

Best Sun Hats for Oval-Shaped Faces

If you’re looking for the best hat for an oval face shape, you're in luck–almost any style of hat will look good on you. Just avoid anything that's too small or bulky, which can throw off the balance of your features. An oval face is longer than wide, and due to less angular cheekbones, an oval face has straighter lines from the temple to the jaw. The best hats for oval-shaped faces are flared brim hats, fedoras, and braided fedoras.

Best Sun Hat for Square Faces

If you have a square-shaped face, go for a soft, floppy hat. This will help soften the angles of your features. Wide-brimmed sun hats are also a good choice for square-shaped faces.

Square-shaped faces tend to be defined by a broad forehead and cheekbones along with a strong jawline, making hats with wide, floppy brims and softer silhouettes the perfect choice. Although many hats look great with a square face, the Women’s Seaside Hat and Women's Ella Hat rank among the best. These swim hats provide a summery beach look that’s perfect for vacationing or enjoying a day in the park.

Best Sun Hat for Heart Faces

Aim for a hat that covers your forehead if you have a heart-shaped face. This will help balance the slimness of your chin and jawline. Fedoras and beanies are excellent choices for heart-shaped faces. Typically, small to medium-sized brim hats also work well, as they do not accentuate the forehead. Asymmetrical hats like fedoras can also be an excellent choice. The Ultra Adventure Hat and Women’s Dot Hat are great examples of sun hats for heart-shaped faces.

Best Sun Hats for Diamond Faces

Similar to a heart-shaped face, diamond-shaped faces tend to showcase narrow foreheads and chins. Because diamond-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and a slender face, slimming the forehead to make it appear more narrow is typically the goal. Depending on your style, the Victoria Two Toned Hat and Women's Swim Visor are great hats for diamond faces. Fedoras and outback hats are also excellent options as they can soften the features of a diamond-shaped face.

Find the Best Sun for Your Shape Face at UV Skinz

Of course, these guidelines for how to choose the right hat for your face shape are just suggestions. Ultimately, you should select whatever sun hat style makes you feel most confident and comfortable. Shop our women’s sun hats, men’s sun hats, and resort hats to find the perfect hat for your unique style today!