Sun-Safe Mountain Essentials

Some much needed weather is hitting the Western U.S. and ski resorts are getting blanketed in feet of fresh snow. As an avid skier, I couldn't be more happy about this downfall that has the potential to completely change the quality and length of the ski season.

But, as people flood into resorts to enjoy the fresh powder, it is important to remember the heightened need to stay sun-safe at high elevation.

winter sun protection

Cold temperatures don't mean sun-safety

Don't let the temperature fool you, the sun can cause more harm in the mountains than at the beach. This is because both UVA and UVB rays increase in intensity as you go up in elevation.

A case study found that UV radiation levels increase as much as 10% for every 1000 feet in elevation gain. This means that you are exposed to around 60% more harmful UV rays when at an elevation of 6000 feet than you are at sea level, assuming your latitude remains the same.

Keep completely covered up

Luckily, cold temps and other conditions in the mountains typically require us to bundle up and stay covered to keep warm, if nothing else. But, some parts of the body (such as the lower face, neck, and wrists) often remain exposed and can easily be burnt by the intense UV rays present at high elevations. It's vital to keep this in mind and protect these areas while out enjoying what the mountains have to offer.

Although our primary focus at UV Skinz is to provide quality protective summer swimwear, we’re proud to be able to offer products that will help keep you covered while skiing, snowboarding, or elsewise enjoying time up the hill. Check out these sun-safe essentials below.

UV face covering

UV Neck and Face Coverings 

Available in both Classic and Bamboo options, these neck and face coverings are perfect for protecting your neck and lower face from the sun while up in the mountains. 

Certified UPF 50+

Blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Unlimited Ways to Wear

Simple yet versatile design allows for unlimited ways to wear.

Lightweight and Breathable

Keeps you covered without being suffocating or overly restrictive.


Designed for all.

Sun sleeve and glove

Sun Sleeves 

These UPF 50+ sun sleeves can be thrown on when needed and easily removed when not. Thumb holes in sleeves increase coverage and make them ideal to wear under your gloves to protect the exposed skin on your wrists.

Certified UPF 50+

Blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Flatlock Seams

Flatlock seams throughout gloves increase comfort and durability. 


Designed for all.



Using sunscreen is a tried and true method of keeping sun-safe while up in the mountains. Check out our great sunscreen selection.