Spring Break Sun Safety Must-Haves

Spring Break is just around the corner! With upcoming vacations or a weeklong relaxation to look forward too many of you will be spending time outdoors. This is the most important time to remind yourself that your skin comes first! Whether you will be indulging in a tropical vacation or enjoying a backyard BBQ UV Skinz has you covered with some spring break must haves. This list is the ultimate sun-safe checklist that we hope you use on a daily basis, especially whenever you will be exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes.

sun-safe checklist

Our checklist can be adjusted based on your age and skin cancer risk level. Sun protection for babies and children will look a little different. Sunscreen can be applied liberally on babies over 6 months old. For tikes that are younger than 6 months, direct sunlight should be avoided. Protect baby’s delicate skin with light-weight UPF 50+ protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of shade. You can find everything you need to keep the children you love protected from the sun’s harmful rays here. Visit our website for a Spring Break deal!

Sun protection for babies

Also, if you have light-colored eyes, blonde hair, family history of skin cancer or melanoma or use tanning beds–you are at a higher risk to develop skin cancer and melanoma. Our new Resort and Spring Collection have many options to make sure you are living a sun-safe life. All of our clothing is made with our quick-drying and moisture-wicking sunknit fabric with certified UPF 50+ protection. Wearing uv-protected clothing is just one step in living a sun-safe life. Make sure you remember to seek the shade when possible, cover all exposed areas of skin with SPF 30+ sunscreen and avoid the peak hours of the day (10a-4p) when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest.

Let us know how you plan to stay safe this Spring Break in the comments below! #sunsafelife

Sun protection for women and men