Why Sun-Safety Is So Important at High Elevations

The mountains are calling… and they're reminding you to protect your skin. 

When you consider where sun exposure is the most dangerous, what places come to mind? If you instantly start thinking about tropical beaches and hot summer days, you're not alone. But, you'll likely be surprised by what you read next. 

We are exposed to significantly more damaging UV rays in the mountains than on the beach. This is because UV radiation increases in intensity as elevation increases. 

Ozone in the atmosphere acts as an invisible shield that protects us from the majority of the highly destructive UV radiation thrown at us by the sun. At high elevations, the atmosphere around us is thinner than when we are at sea level. This causes there to be decreased levels of ozone protection which makes UV exposure far more intense. 

A case study found that UV radiation levels increase as much as 10% for every 1000 feet in elevation gain. This means that you are exposed to around 60% more harmful UV rays when at an elevation of 6000 feet than you are at sea level, assuming your latitude remains the same. 

This is why it is so important to remember to stay sun safe while out exploring in high elevations. Stay covered on your next mountain adventure with these UPF 50+ items.


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