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Kid's Hooded Beach Towel

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Baby Boy's Cover-Ups

At UV Skinz®, we’re on a mission to provide the very best, sun-safe apparel the entire family can count on, especially for those most vulnerable to sun damage. Here, you will find the cute, comfortable, and sun-protective baby boy beach cover-ups to complement his baby boy swimwear.

Whether you are on the hunt for the very best baby UPF swimwear like baby boy’s bathing suits and matching baby boy sun hats, you can count on UV Skinz® to have just what you need to protect his delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Shop today!

Why UPF Clothing is Critical for Protecting Infant Skin

Did you know that infant skin younger than six months old cannot metabolize and excrete sunscreen chemicals? For this reason, doctors and dermatologists recommend avoiding sunscreen on infants younger than six months old altogether.

Not only should parents avoid using sunscreen on their infants, but they should also keep them out of direct sunlight to best protect their skin. So, what is a parent to do in this situation?

Dress him in the proper UPF 50+ baby boy beach cover-ups and clothing, of course! Dressing your baby in lightweight sun-protective clothing like baby boy cover-ups designed to block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays is your best method of protection anytime he is in the sun or going to a sunny event. This way, you won’t have to worry about painful and dangerous sunburns causing pain or harm to his skin.

The UV Skinz® baby boy cover-ups like the Hooded Terry Baby Boy Beach Cover-Up is a soft and cozy terry cloth baby boy cover designed with an oversized hood and large front pockets for a comfortable, functional design, all while effectively stopping the sun from reaching his arms, torso, neck, ears, and face when the hood is on. Get this baby boy cover-up in sizes 6/12M or 12/24M.

Shop our entire collection of baby boy UPF 50+ clothing and swim apparel today for safe fun in the sun all summer long!