6 Best UV Skinz Sun Protection Wraps with Styling Options

The wrap is a useful, comfortable apparel that is great for both traveling and everyday wear. The sun protection wraps are a lifesaver for individuals who seek constant sun protection. Due to the linked area towards the back, the wrap maintains its stiffness when worn and does not budge while the user engages in demanding activities.

It is versatile, handy, and ideal for outdoor activities. The sun wraps on the list below come in a variety of exquisite shades that will undoubtedly go well with your style preferences. Wear your sun wrap as a shawl, winter hat, wrap, poncho, or tunic, to mention just a few styling choices. We've also selected 6 chic and easy-to-style pieces for you.

Our Top Picks 

1. Crossover Sun Wrap

This stylish wrap looks excellent with your summer outfit or beachwear. Women's short-sleeved tops can be worn alone in the summer or combined underneath other cool clothing. Wrap shirts offer a sophisticated, yet casual appearance. The UV Skinz Crossover sun wrap comes in three exquisite colors: turquoise, navy blue, and black.

Quick Tip: Wrap tops offer the ideal balance of design and practicality and are highly customizable. Use it with a maxi dress in black or white for a night out or weekend party to look amazing.

Styling Options to Get the Most of Your Crossover Sun Wrap:

There are a startling number of ways to wear a wrap, making it a surprisingly versatile style. 

  • Wrap tops can be worn in any season of the year, either worn alone or layered beneath scarves and jackets. 
  • By pairing the stylish Crossover Wrap with dresses, gaucho pants, shorts, denim, and black or white business pants, you can dress it up or down.
  • You can use this crossover sun wrap if you're already running behind schedule for the workplace, or don't feel like getting dressed, but still want to look and feel good.

It is perfect for any occasion, like a weekend at the beach, morning or nighttime excursions, or even everyday use throughout the year. Almost any clothing can be worn with this top as it can be styled in multiple ways. Added to that, it feels amazingly comfortable against your skin, and is silky and airy. Check out our extensive selection of UPF protection clothing for more information on sun-protective clothing.

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2. Hooded Resort Wrap

This adaptable Hooded Resort Wrap, which is wrinkle-resistant, ultralight, and absorbent, will be a great addition to your beach day. Hooded resort wraps are a highly recommended product by users. This hooded resort wrap is designed to be simply folded easily and packed, making it the perfect choice for protection from the sun while traveling.

Styling Options to get the Most out of Your Hooded Resort Wrap

The hooded wrap offers good sun protection despite being a little warm. It is simple to put on, and fits loosely over clothing. The hoodie is flowy, and resembles a scarf.

  • Stay warm and comfy in the bitter cold with the help of this classic hooded wrap that is perfectly made to keep you looking classy. It can be worn with jeans or pants, and a simple t-shirt beneath as a layer. 
  • For your evening occasions, pair it with jeans and a sturdy crop top. It works well as a beach cover-up or an open-front jacket. When you want to seem effortlessly stylish, this piece's versatility is perfect.
  • Versatile shawl collar that transforms into a sweatshirt for extra head and neck sun protection. A necessary item for all of your travel destinations.

This hooded travel wrap is available in many wonderful colors, including canyon watercolor, sage watercolor, black watercolor, beach glass, blue fusion, and pink fusion.

This wrap will shield you against sunburns and skin cancer. It is simple to wear and offers great coverage. Because of its lightweight and breathability, this wrap is definitely a natural choice.

3. Packable Infinity Scarf

It has a UPF rating of 50+, and is smooth and silky, ultralight, and breathable. Available in three gorgeous colors, including Sage, Mykonos Blue, and Glacier Blue, this foldable infinity scarf is a must-buy. For simple travel, the scarf can be folded and compactly fits into a zipped pouch. You won't be dissatisfied purchasing this scarf thanks to its well-made construction and excellent color choices.

Styling Options to Get the Most out of Your Hooded Resort Wrap

  • Usable scarf for additional storage of essential valuables like credit cards and cash.
  • Ideal travel companion when tucked inside the zippered pocket. The scarf works admirably in place of a travel pillow. 
  • You can choose from tones like black, white, or two shades of blue, such as royal blue and turquoise when purchasing this scarf.
  • It can be used for a variety of occasions, including outdoor pursuits.
  • After tying the scarf twice over your neck, one end should be lower in front than the other. Grab the corner of the longer end and slip it into the opposite shoulder loops. 
  • A scarf is a perfect substitute for a handbag when you're traveling.

The material is velvety, sleek, and stretchy, similar to "active" clothing. With heavier objects in the pockets, it might expand a little and/or need to be readjusted. There is sufficient fabric to make two loops. The zippers are neatly placed. Because of the fantastic colors, it is simple to wear. The zipper pockets are brilliant, and the fabric is light enough to be comfy even when it's warm.

4. Basic Sun Wraps

This Women's Sun Wrap is one of our most attractive and versatile sun protection options. When you're on the go and need some extra shade, this is a great addition. 

Styling Options to Get the Most out of Your Basic Sun Wrap

  • Sun Skirt: Fold the sun beach skirt diagonally in half. Holding opposing corners together, wrap the fabric around your waist and fold it at the top. Tie the corners together across one hip.
  • Cascading Skirt: Using opposing corners in each hand, wrap horizontally around your waist. Secure the knot by tying another one in front. With your cascading skirt, you have now created a chic look!

This straightforward but adaptable design enables it to be worn in a variety of styles and ways. This wrap also offers UVA/UVB protection. Coupled with this, the quick-drying fabric makes the transition from water to land easier, making it truly the most adaptable, flattering, and functional sun wrap on the market.

5. Sun Shawl

This is one of the comfiest wraps available. Because it's soft and elastic, you can wrap it around yourself to protect yourself from the sun and it is equally useful when it's cold. Apart from this, It's suitable as a light autumn shawl as well. Because it is lightweight and long, it gives you many options to change up your look while still providing enough coverage.

Style Ideas for Making the Most of Your Sun Shawl:

  • Wear it across your shoulders, or over your head, throw it over your legs when seated, or have it on hand for unexpected outdoor activities.
  • This wrap is perfect for a day at the beach, a plane ride, or a day out. They'll also make great gifts for visitors, athletes, or anybody else looking for sun protection and shade.
  • It looks like a scarf, but not as trendy as many others. A really refined look that can be dressed up or down. It is well-fitting and drapes well.

Soft to the touch, with a vibrant color palette and reliable UPF 50+ protection. UPF 50+ versatile casual, or vacation wardrobe pieces that may be used in a multitude of ways. Antimicrobial protection injected at the fiber level limits 99.9% of germ development, aiding in odor eradication. It is airy and lightweight, with moisture-wicking characteristics for quick drying.

6. Neck and Face Covering - Ultimate Protection Mask

A neckcloth is a piece of fabric designed to keep the sun and cold out of your neck and face. This mask protects against wind, dust, cold, pollution, sunlight, and UV radiation. These masks are very breathable, absorbent, and durable.

Styling Ideas for Making the Most of Your Neck and Face Covering:

  • This mask is great for running, cycling, football, cricket, bicycling, riding, skiing, fishing, long tennis, gyming, exercising, and other sports.
  • You can use it to protect your neck from sunburn when riding and after the gym. Excellent comfort and quality.
  • Use a neck gaiter whether riding a motorcycle, running, or hiking. You may even acquire a few to complement your riding suit.
  • When not in use, the lightweight and comfortable design folds and fits within the pocket. It can be employed in a range of situations, such as the office, company, home, and outdoor athletic activities.

It protects your skin from UV radiation when exposed to direct sunlight and lets you breathe properly in windy conditions since it is soft and cotton skin-friendly. It also works as a face and pollution mask. This face mask is made of the highest quality cotton and is really pleasant to wear. The drying time is quick, which supports healthy circulation and breathing. In addition, its novel stitching technique makes it effortless to put on and take off. 


You won't ever again be too hot or too cold thanks to these sun wraps, which are made to keep you cool during the summer and wipe the chills off during the winter. Try the styling choices discussed earlier in the blog when wearing your sun wrap. So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and have fun in the sun while expressing your fashion sense. To know more about our products and how we raise awareness about sun-safe clothing, check out our story.