Doc Talk: Dr. Kimberly Jerdan, MD

UV Skinz has created partnerships with medical professionals to broaden our scope in our mission to provide affordable sun protection and raise awareness about the damaging effects of the sun; skin cancer and melanoma. Our partnerships are so valuable and helpful, which is why we are happy to expand our relationships and bring you a Dermatologist perspective for this month’s Doc Talk.

Dermatologist have one-on-one experience with the effects and damage the sun can do to us when our skin is left unprotected. They definitely have their own stories to tell; a huge thank you to Dr. Jerdan for being out first! Dr. Kimberly Jerdan, MD is a board-certified dermatologist with an emphasis on skin examinations, cosmetic dermatologic surgery, and lasers.

Dr. Kimberly Jerdan, MD

Dr. Jerdan believes in a synergistic approach to the practice of cosmetic dermatologic surgery by complementing a maintenance program with the latest advances in dermatologic surgery and technology. Dr. Jerdan believes this unique skill set should be done by those with an artistic eye with an emphasis on natural beauty to make the patient become a healthy, more rejuvenated and refreshed version of his or herself. With an emphasis on pigmented lesions in skin of color, Dr. Jerdan provides skin cancer checks, and management and counseling of skin care conditions with a keen eye. (Her work can be seen on Dr. Jerdan’s instagram account DrSkinberly.)

Dr. Jerdan incorporates a fresh perspective into her practice and we are excited to share with you some of her insights.

What sunscreen is best to use?

I like SPF 30 sunscreen that is a physical blocker with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Make sure you reapply every two hours. Listen to your dermatologist recommendations and invest in your skin, the first time around. You only get one.

What is the best advice to give to someone who thinks that skin cancer won’t happen to them?

I once had a patient referred to our clinic for stubborn acne. After gathering a thorough history and taking biopsies, since the story didn’t match the typical acne story, we were able to prove she in fact had a form of lupus. Plenty of times I’ve seen patients who want moles lasered off because they didn’t want an excision scar, but we’ve convinced them to cut it out anyway because that weird mole was actually deep melanoma, or that stubborn eczema is actually a form of lymphoma. I stress how important it is to have full-body skin exams done by a board-certified dermatologist.

This next excerpt was from 5 Things I Learned: Avon and Women’s Dermatologic Society Mentorship Program and highlights Dr. Jerdan’s experience and perspective on women in the dermatology field.

“Strong, confident women surrounded me my whole life, and I have carried that mission in my dermatology pursuits to help a woman’s beauty shine through. I have three sisters and a Peruvian mother who have varying skin types and issues. Coming from a multicultural family and having done a medical rotation in India, I hope to empower women worldwide…”

We couldn’t agree more that strong, confident women can empower and make a difference in any field. Helping women and men to truly love and protect their skin is just as important as teaching our youth to do the same. We are role models no matter what, especially when it comes to staying in the forefront of raising awareness. A special thanks to Dr. Jerdan for her willingness to share her practice with us!!

When not working, Dr. Jerdan enjoys spending time with her husband and family, doing yoga, playing tennis, and eating Peruvian food. Follow her @drskinberly on Instagram.